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Why Nybll trusts Motive to protect drivers and stay ahead of the curve.




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Meet Nybll

Nybll is the leading health-centered food service that helps professionals and pro-athletes achieve peak performance. The company was founded in 2012 and has been disrupting the corporate meal service space, delivering world-class dining experiences in the stadium and at the office. Nybll currently serves the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles and has a fleet of 15 vans.


Nybll owner Keven Thibeault wanted the highest level of safety for his drivers for their livelihood, as well as others on the road.


He turned to Motive, formerly KeepTruckin and installed Motive’s Smart Dashcam into his 15 food delivery vehicles, which operate in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. In addition to safety, he wanted to easily track where his drivers were at all times since prompt arrivals are a crucial part of his business.


Thibeault had no idea just how timely his decision was. A few short weeks after the Smart Dashcams were installed, one of his vehicles was struck by a motorcyclist on Interstate 880—a notoriously busy highway outside of San Francisco, California.

Smart dash cams led to exoneration


While a Nybll driver was on his way to set up the meal service for a customer, a motorcyclist who was riding between the lanes, struck Nybll’s vehicle from behind. Although the roads were congested and Nybll’s driver was safely making a lane change at 37 miles an hour, according to Thibeault, “The motorcyclist was going at least 50 to 60 miles an hour. He bounced off two other vehicles and hit the pavement pretty hard.”


After the police arrived on the scene, Nybll’s driver told him about the dash cam footage.


There’s no doubt that video proof saved Nybll a tangible dollar amount, especially in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. “A few months after we installed Motive’s Smart Dashcams, we were involved in this collision. If we were sued, it would’ve probably cost us half a million dollars. Minimum. But because we had video proof, we were exonerated,” says Thibeault.



Video proof that protects drivers


The benefits of having video footage go beyond dollar signs and lawsuits. Following the collision, Thibeault recalled that his driver was understandably shaken up.


“The driver, who is a stellar employee, had an enormous amount of stress and anxiety,” explains Thibeault. “However, he had the comfort of knowing that he wasn’t going to get fired because the incident was captured properly. His reputation and career with Nybll were unscathed because we have video footage. He wasn’t acting improperly and [it didn’t turn into] a he-said-she-said.”


As a leader in the company, Thibeault knows the importance of building a great culture with happy employees. He believes that equipping his vehicles with Motive’s Smart Dashcams gives his employees peace of mind, which results in happier, more satisfied employees.


“Our drivers are on the front lines and need the protection of video to know their job is safe and their behavior is properly recorded, even in the event of a tragedy or fender bender. We have these systems and technology in place that has [our employees] feeling really confident about their career with us,” states Thibeault.


Since the incident, Thibeault proudly noted that the driver was promoted to an account executive.



A trusted partner to keep Nybll ahead of the game


Nybll’s culture thrives because of its commitment to creating a safe and happy environment for employees. “When I think of corporate culture, it’s how we treat each other. It’s the environment, it’s food, it’s visibility into people’s performance,” explains Thibeault.


This vision extends to all aspects of Nybll’s business acumen, including partnerships. “Motive and its products absolutely support the culture I’m trying to build. And I think we’re way ahead of the curve.”


Previously, Nybll used T-Mobile’s SyncUP FLEET for $10 per month, per vehicle. “It tracked driver behavior, vehicle location, but doesn’t have integration with a video camera, at all.”


For this reason, Thibeault decided to make the jump to Motive’s Smart Dashcam. “The addition of video and [having] video in the cloud was a clutch thing for me. It was well worth it.”



GPS tracking improves customer service


A crucial part of the food delivery business is knowing the accurate location of each driver and vehicle. GPS tracking allows managers to see where drivers are at all times, and in Nybll’s case, can alert clients when drivers are running late.


Knowing exactly when drivers will arrive is crucial to building a strong relationship with the customer. “We use Motive to pinpoint where our vehicles are so we can track their route and see traffic. [Then] we can notify the client that there was an accident or car fire on the Bay Bridge so there will be a 20-minute delay.”


It’s an exciting time for the food industry. Thibeault noted that the industry as a whole is going through “massive upheaval and disruption, and it’s all about movement and delivery.” He knows he can continue to grow his business confidently with Motive.

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