Staker Parson Achieves 90% Collision Detection Accuracy with Motive.

Staker Parson significantly reduces unsafe driving events with Motive, and can now contest false claims, optimize maintenance schedules, and track construction equipment.


Since 1952, Staker Parson has been a preferred source of top-quality building materials such as sand, rock, landscape products, ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, paving, and construction services. Employing 3,000 people at more than 70 locations, Staker Parson, A CRH Company, sources the broadest range of construction materials and services across the Intermountain West. The company operates more than 2,400 vehicles and thousands of other pieces of equipment to serve its customers.

After a series of road incidents, Staker Parson needed better visibility into the factors that contributed to these events. Without video footage of what happened, the company had little defense against litigation and wrongful claims. After investing in Motive AI Dashcams, Staker Parson has been able to contest false claims using AI technology and improve driving behavior. Staker Parson is also using data from Motive to understand driving patterns that are requiring higher maintenance on certain vehicles, leading to higher costs. The company is also better able to track and schedule other construction equipment with Motive’s Asset Gateways and Asset Gateway Minis.


Reduction in unsafe driving events


Driver exoneration rate


Collision detection accuracy


Before investing in Motive, Staker Parson did not have dash cams. Without a safety solution of this kind, Staker Parson did not have visibility into some of their biggest safety challenges. “Previously, resolving incidents would require multiple meetings just to establish facts,” explained Cristian Zuniga, Telematics Site Champion. The lack of real-time data severely hindered efficient management and response times, making it necessary to seek a more comprehensive solution that could improve safety, support drivers and reduce costs associated with unnecessary claims.

When a collision happened, it always came down to one driver’s word against another’s. Without any accurate data, managers scrambled to piece together the series of events and how best to respond. 

Staker Parson also operates other construction equipment – such as pavers, rollers, water tanks, and traffic control signs – that it needs to schedule, assign, and move between job sites. Keeping track of it all, ensuring it was well maintained, and allocating it properly, was a manual process taking away from opportunities for business efficiency and customer service. 

Managers also noticed that some vehicles needed a surprising amount of maintenance, while other vehicles did not. Without any data to understand the discrepancy, more expensive maintenance was the only solution.


To get real-time collision detection and visibility into every incident, Staker Parson invested in Motive dual-facing AI Dashcams. For Staker Parson, the investment paid off.

“With Motive, we get alerted to collisions in real time,” says Zuniga. “When a collision happens, we immediately get a text message and an email showing the location of the incident. It used to take us a while to put the pieces together and figure out what happened. Now we’re able to put a response plan in place immediately whenever a collision alert comes through.” 

After any incident, Staker Parson pulls up the dash cam video and dispatches a manager to the incident site. This is incredibly valuable for when a manager needs to provide details to law enforcement for writing up a report. “By the time a manager gets there, the video is already in hand, and it’s already been reviewed by our legal team,” Zuniga says. “After an incident, we know what to do. Our process has gotten really smooth.” 

Given the quality of Motive’s High-Definition (HD) video, questioning which party may be at fault has basically become a thing of the past. Motive gives Staker Parson a crystal-clear image of every incident, removing ambiguity. “We’ve cut the time spent reviewing these incidents by 50%,” Zuniga says. “It’s been a huge turnaround.”

In one incident, a Staker Parson dump truck driver slowed to navigate a turn. The car behind tried to overtake the dump truck, getting stuck behind two other cars. It caused a collision. 

“Our manager went to the site, video in hand, and showed it to the officer,” Zuniga recalls. “The officer then shared it with the other driver. After watching the video, his attitude changed completely. We avoided a lawsuit all together.”

Staker Parson also uses forward-facing AI Dashcam video to verify service, product quality, and to prove that protocols are being followed. With data pulled from the Motive dashboard, Staker Parson can confirm delivery times and even show the quality of the concrete poured. “With video in our corner, we’ve been able to answer questions about service and quality too. The results have been incredible,” says Zuniga. 

Staker Parson is also using data from Motive to reduce maintenance costs and increase vehicle lifespan. “We noticed that a vehicle operated by a certain driver was having more events than others,” he said. “That vehicle in particular needed tire replacements more often than other vehicles of the same type.” From the data, Zuniga and his team could identify the driving behaviors that were the root cause of the increased maintenance costs, notably harsh braking. The maintenance team is now using data from Motive for scheduled preventative maintenance too, ensuring that vehicles and equipment are operational and in good working order to serve their customers.


By adjusting the sensitivity of event triggers on their light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, Staker Parson narrowed their focus to the most critical safety events. By moving to a more direct approach where managers coach only their direct reports, they’ve created a more manageable workload for the team. “Everybody does their part,” Zuniga says. “We get our coaching done as a region and have improved our focus considerably.”

Through effective coaching and better customization, we’ve reduced the number of triggered events by about 70%.

Cristian Zuniga, Telematics Site Champion, Staker Parson

“Through effective coaching and better customization, we’ve reduced the number of triggered events by about 70%,” Zuniga says. “Cell phone use has plummeted, along with close following and distraction. Drivers are more alert, and the real-time feedback they get in the cab has been transformative.”

Safer driving habits have extended the life of Staker Parson’s equipment too. “Before implementing Motive AI Dashcams, driving behavior – such as hard braking and acceleration – had cost us about $2 million in equipment repair and replacement,” Zuniga says. “Excessive use led to a lot of wear and tear, and equipment needed to be replaced.” With Motive’s help, Staker Parson has established a preventative maintenance schedule, driving down maintenance costs and keeping equipment in top shape to serve customers.

The introduction of video evidence from Motive’s AI Dashcams has resulted in a 96% incident exoneration rate and has simplified administrative processes. The quality of Motive’s cameras doesn’t lag and can often enable them to identify the make and model and even license plates. The camera quality also helps respond more quickly to take care of drivers who are involved in incidents.

“Our drivers go on pretty dangerous roads up in the mountains,” Zuniga said. “We’ve had rollovers up there and the Motive camera has captured the video. We can quickly get paramedics on their way and share information with managers and law enforcement. The quality of the camera, the accuracy of the AI event detection and the speed of the alerts are all equally important and that’s what we get with Motive.”

Motive’s Asset Gateways and AG Minis keep track of equipment no matter where it is. The new Asset Gateway Mini is used for monitoring the location, usage, and health of powered and unpowered assets.

Staker Parson uses Motive Asset Gateway Solar devices to continuously keep track of equipment where there is not access to power. This is particularly valuable in remote locations and when equipment moves frequently between work sites.

Zuniga says it’s been a huge advantage. “Our scheduler isn’t getting calls at 1 a.m. because a roller can’t be located. The asset gateways have really helped us schedule more efficiently and make sure the right equipment is at the right location.”

Staker Parson uses the AG Minis for equipment that stays on job sites for long periods of time. The device pings twice each day, ensuring their expensive equipment isn’t misplaced and utilization can be maximized. “We can lose track of equipment easily on some of these job sites. Equipment could be behind a huge pile of aggregate and we wouldn’t know without the AG Minis,” Zuniga said.

Looking ahead, Zuniga says there’s more with Motive on the horizon. “We’ll probably have over 3,000 pieces of equipment using Motive by the end of the year and we’re planning to expand to our yellow iron.”

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