FusionSite reduces safety incidents by 89% and high-risk driving behaviors by 92% with Motive.

FusionSite Services struggled with an outdated solution that compromised fleet safety and inhibited company growth. Switching to Motive put accurate, AI-powered data in the driver seat to dramatically improve safety and reduce costs.

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FusionSite Services is a premier provider of solid and liquid waste management and temporary site services for construction sites, events, government, and military entities. FusionSite operates a mixed fleet of more than 800 vehicles. On a significant growth trajectory, FusionSite’s telematics provider couldn’t keep up and wasn’t giving the company the data it needed to drive improvements in safety, reduce costs or make operational improvements. FusionSite sought an accurate and reliable solution and chose Motive’s AI dual-facing Dashcams for its fleet to boost safety and fuel company growth.


Reduction in incidents


Reduction in high-risk driving behaviors


Reduction in loss runs YoY


FusionSite Services was growing at upwards of 120% per year but had an existing telematics solution that wasn’t compatible with a mixed-duty fleet, and that lacked meaningful and accurate data. Put simply, it wasn’t built to scale with a company like FusionSite Services which is on a rocketship trajectory.

According to Ryan Ennis, FusionSite’s Head of Risk and IT, data is everything. “If you don’t have the right data, you’re not making data-based decisions. If your data is bad, your data output is going to be bad. It’s a virtuous cycle,” he says.

FusionSite was using Solera telematics devices but found they didn’t work in light-duty vehicles, which represents 85% of their fleet. “We weren’t able to get readings from the vehicles, such as miles per gallon, fuel consumption, location data, trip history, and safety metrics,” he says. Without adequate data to draw from, FusionSite was exposed to a higher level of risk and wasted time and money, which all got in the way of business growth.

The complexities of managing a larger and more diverse fleet also became apparent to FusionSite. The company’s explosive growth made it increasingly difficult to operate and measure business performance consistently across all regions and business units, and the same way for all of their drivers.

FusionSite needed a technology solution that could improve safety and simplify fleet management while enabling, not inhibiting, their growth. They also needed a safety solution that was easy for drivers to use and coach them on unsafe behaviors automatically, regardless of their language preference. Accuracy and reliability could no longer take a back seat.


FusionSite conducted an in-depth evaluation of several solutions, including side-by-side testing of the products. The team’s primary evaluation criteria included:

  • Universal compatibility within a mixed-fleet 
  • Accurate and AI-powered, dual-facing dash cams with in-the-moment, audible driver coaching
  • High-quality video evidence of accidents to be used for exoneration of false claims
  • Accurate insights and data for fleet-wide visibility
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive solution to speed driver adoption
  • Easy-to-install and highly-reliable hardware 
  • Extensible and flexible data integrations with other FusionSite systems
  • Language customization for a large Spanish-speaking employee population

In switching to Motive, the integrity of FusionSite’s data improved dramatically. For starters, Motive technology is compatible with FusionSite’s entire fleet, giving them reliable data they can use to make smarter, data-driven decisions. And because Motive technology is so easy to use, FusionSite found that their drivers were able to use and understand Motive’s solutions much more easily than with past providers. “With Motive, we have a complete set of data that we’re able to operate off of,” says. “As a result, we were able to get very far along with Motive very, very quickly. 

95% of FusionSite’s drivers are native Spanish speakers, so Ennis appreciated Motive’s ability to change language modes. “With the Motive system, you have the ability to change a driver’s user profile to be in Spanish,” Ennis says. “Within two weeks, we had the office fully functional and the driver population fully functional. With Motive, there is literally no barrier to communication or comprehension. It’s easy to make adjustments, communicate with our drivers, and meet their needs.”

The overarching impact of Motive on FusionSite Services extends beyond mere functionality. It encompasses enhanced safety standards, significant cost reductions, and streamlined operations adapted to a diverse, ever-expanding fleet. 

FusionSite focuses on 19 unsafe driving behaviors that are captured by the AI Dashcam, putting the biggest emphasis on four behaviors that are most prevalent, and represent the highest risk, in their fleet: cell phone use, distracted driving, lack of seat belt use, and speeding. Because the AI Dashcam alerts drivers to these behaviors as they happen, FusionSite has been able to reduce accidents by 89% and reduce the occurrence of those four behaviors by 92%.

FusionSite is operating their entire fleet as a regulated fleet, despite the fact that only 15% of their runs are considered regulated. About 85% of their drivers run short routes, making them unregulated by the federal government. “Our ability to take an unregulated fleet and hold it to the standards of a regulated fleet is really remarkable,” Ennis says. “You could compare us right now to any one of the major fleets that are regulated, and our performance would be right up there with them. Even though our drivers are unregulated, their standards are just as high as anyone else, specifically because of the technology that Motive offers.”

Ennis says that Motive’s camera quality and accuracy is second to none. “One of Motive’s really unique abilities of the camera is the way the lens functions in the vehicle. There are timed studies conducted by Virginia Tech that compare in cab alerts among several device vendors. Hand over fist, you see Motive responding seconds faster than the other very similarly priced solutions,” says Ennis. “So while other technologies are sitting back and not able to give the driver an alert and coach them, Motive has already recognized and alerted to cell phone use when a driver has it on their thigh or their lap, and has already coached that driver about the event that just occurred.”

Ennis recognizes that accurate and fast coaching matters exponentially because each episode typically lasts several minutes. “Most alerts are not just one split second. They’re happening over time. Speeding events are one minute or over two minutes. Cell phone use is usually over four minutes. You have these different events that correlate with time and then behavior. And so Motive is coaching that driver and giving them an opportunity to stop whatever they are doing and back out of that unsafe event sooner,” Ennis says.

To improve safety, Ennis says you cannot wait days to coach events, and for the sake of employee morale and retention, you need to coach the drivers who need it, not the drivers who are already driving safely. A standardized platform across the company that treats every driver equally, regardless of the vehicle they are driving, is required.

The quality of the camera matters too. “Motive separates itself from its peers in its ability to recognize those events and coach that driver immediately and because the Motive AI Dashcam has a broader scope than the other cameras in this market,” Ennis says. 

Installation can take time and rack up costs, but not with Motive. “I installed 75% of our fleet myself and I can have a whole site installed with new trucks and trailers and trained in 2 to 3 days,” said Ennis. He says that professional installers would charge $250 per vehicle, which would have equaled about $60,000 for FusionSite’s fleet.


In less than one year, FusionSite Services has reduced incidents by 89%, reduced cell phone use, distracted driving, lack of seat belt use, and speeding by 92%, saved $436,000 in avoided hardware costs, saved about $60,000 in avoided installation costs, and achieved a 70% reduction in loss runs.

Ennis attributes FusionSite’s dramatic results to choosing a solution that prioritizes real-time driver coaching that allows drivers to recognize their unsafe habits and change them instantly. 

We’ve seen a direct correlation between safer performance and AI Dashcams. We’ve seen an 89% reduction in unsafe events in less than a year, which is really remarkable. And when you look at the four behaviors we focus on most, the impacts have been even greater. We’ve seen a 92% reduction in those behaviors alone.

Ryan Ennis, Head of Risk and IT, FusionSite

“Before accidents happen, we’re able to prevent them at a very high rate,” Ennis says. “We’ve seen a direct correlation between safer performance and AI Dashcams. We’ve seen an 89% reduction in unsafe events in less than a year, which is really remarkable. And when you look at the four behaviors we focus on most, the impacts have been even greater. We’ve seen a 92% reduction in those behaviors alone.”

The automatic coaching provided by the AI Dashcam gives Ennis peace of mind, just knowing that unsafe driving behaviors are being addressed as they happen. It also allows him to focus on drivers who need the most attention, not the dozens who are already driving safely. Where other organizations spend considerable time on in-person coaching sessions with one driver at a time and days after an event has occurred, Ennis is able to focus right away on drivers who exhibit the riskiest behaviors.

“Most organizations would say, ‘Well, we’re gonna have a monthly meeting or a weekly meeting where we coach drivers,’” Ennis explains. “The flaw in that is that you’re coaching 35 drivers and that’s expensive. I’m coaching the one driver who actually needs to hear the message, not the 34 who are doing their job.”

Results like these underscore the effectiveness of Motive technology in enhancing fleet safety. As AI Dashcams have prevented accidents, FusionSite Services has saved a lot financially. Benefiting from ease of device installation and less aggressive setup, implementing Motive technology allowed FusionSite to rapidly standardize safety and operations across newly acquired companies, improving efficiency and regulatory compliance.

With Motive, there are unlimited ways to use the data from the platform, including utilization, replenishment cycles, fuel, theft and more. “Motive allows you to focus on utilization of your assets and to determine risk for replenishment cycles. That allows you to focus on very key characteristics, like your fuel purchasing program. You’re able to project when you need fuel. You’re able to do analysis between your credit card spend and compare it to the consumption rates of your vehicles to identify fuel theft,” Ennis says.

For FusionSite Services, Motive is more than just a technology provider. “The way Motive develops lifelong customers allows an operation to become more mature, to get out of the storming phase of a business and get to ‘let’s make some money and let’s do it really safely.’”

FusionSite Services is poised for even more growth ahead and is more ready than ever to capitalize on it. “There’s nothing more important to me in my job than to make sure all my drivers get home safe every single day,” Ennis says. “And that’s what Motive helps me do.”

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