Klapec Trucking builds better drivers and safer roads with Motive

Dual-facing Motive AI Dashcams give drivers real-time coaching and on-the-spot video evidence while providing data and insights to make better business decisions.


Founded in 1949, Klapec Trucking operates a fleet of trucks and trailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Klapec Trucking has always prioritized safety as a cornerstone of its mission, but grappled with the lack of data and insights available to identify and remediate risky driver behaviors before accidents happen, instead of after the fact.  

Klapec Trucking selected Motive dual-facing AI Dashcams throughout its fleet and now has automated driver coaching and on-the-spot video evidence that protect drivers and the company from faulty claims. Real-time insights on driver violations, simplified logbook management, and streamlined compliance reporting are helping improve its business operations and automate administrative tasks.

We went with Motive because we know that Motive expands their technology faster than anybody in the market today…If you can save just one accident from happening, you need to do it.

Greg Lander, Vice President, Klapec Trucking Company

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