Trailer tracking and monitoring

Get unparalleled visibility into the location, utilization, and health of your equipment and automate major operational workflows.

Visibility and control

Real-time GPS tracking eliminates time spent on manual check-ins.

Maximize utilization

Utilization insights enable the repositioning of underused assets and automated client billing.

Protect your assets

Automatic geofence alerts detect unauthorized use to reduce theft and loss.

Minimize downtime

Preventive maintenance helps you stay ahead of issues to minimize equipment downtime.

Industry benefits

Motive Asset Gateways, Environmental Sensors, and OEM integrations provide unparalleled visibility and control, with support for all types of equipment. Our solution helps track, monitor, maximize, and protect your equipment, no matter what industry you operate in.


Trucking & Logistics

Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage



Prevent project delays and control costs with real-time insights into equipment location and performance, such as an overused excavator or an idle bulldozer. Optimize utilization, preempt costly breakdowns, and dispatch the right equipment to the right location. Safeguard against theft with real-time alerts and on-demand location requests.

Trucking & Logistics

Enhance customer relationships by ensuring the right trailer reaches the correct warehouse and providing timely delivery updates in transit. Combat theft, vandalism, and fraud with real-time alerts and on-demand location requests.

Oil & Gas

Efficiently track drilling rigs, tanker trucks, and auxiliary tools across vast terrains, reducing costly downtime, underutilized equipment, and environmental risks. Minimize loss and depreciation with complete visibility into your equipment’s condition and location, even in harsh environments.

Food & Beverage

Maintain FSMA compliance and ensure product freshness during transit with proactive, multi-point temperature monitoring inside the trailer. With real-time alerts and two-way command, manage issues promptly and remotely, preventing loss and mitigating costly manual errors.


Maximize utilization from tractors to harvesters with real-time location and usage data, reducing your seasonal costs. Avoid untimely breakdowns during critical planting or harvest seasons with preventive maintenance. With geofence alerts, protect valuable equipment from unauthorized use and theft. 

Ensure visibility and control over all types of equipment.

Track and manage your equipment from a single platform.

Get real-time and historical visibility into equipment location, with assets and vehicles automatically linked when traveling together to ensure accurate delivery. Eliminate yard hunts and track a diverse range of equipment, from generators to heavy machinery. 

Optimize equipment use and efficiency.

Keep your equipment and trailers utilized at full capacity with real-time insight into utilization and dormancy. Quickly see available equipment inside a geofence for effective capacity planning.

Quickly catch theft or misuse.

Receive alerts and address unauthorized use or theft when equipment unexpectedly leaves geofence perimeters. Quickly recover stolen or missing equipment with Locate My Asset (coming early 2024).

Stay on top of preventive maintenance.

Avoid costly repairs and downtime through predictive fault code monitoring and maintenance scheduled by engine hours and mileage. Get real-time alerts for assets requiring attention.

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Introducing the Asset Gateway Mini

Say goodbye to frustrating tracking issues with the new Asset Gateway Mini. Compact yet robust, it’s designed for monitoring the location, usage, and health of powered and unpowered assets. Monitor high volume inventories with a small form factor and 5 year battery life.

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Frequently asked questions

Asset Gateway Mini and Asset Gateway were designed to work on all different types of equipment – from unpowered assets such as dumpsters, to powered equipment like skid steers, as well as reefers and trailers. 

Learn how to install the Asset Gateway in our Help Center.

Asset Gateway Mini and Asset Gateway can be connected via cable to the on/off line. When the engine is turned on, our devices will log those hours and store them for reports to be generated and shared.

Learn how to install the Asset Gateway in our Help Center.

The Asset Gateways are backed by an industry-leading, five-year hardware warranty.

The Motive Integrated Operations Platform allows the user to draw geofences around any geographical region. Motive will report all equipment and vehicles within the geofence. 

Learn how to create a geofence in our  Help Center.

With Geofence Alerts, you’ll receive an email that includes the time, date, geofence name, geofence category, and the asset ID when a vehicle enters or exits a geofence. You can also set a time frame for those alerts to track unauthorized use after hours. 

Learn how to create a geofence alert in our Help Center.

Yes. From the Motive Dashboard, click on Reports and select the desired report. You can export the results as a PDF or a CSV file.

No. Asset Gateways are fully independent products that can be used with or without the Motive Vehicle Gateway.

The Asset Gateway Mini boasts a five-year battery life with two daily location check-ins. However, it can also be powered continuously via cable. Meanwhile, the Asset Gateway is engineered for ongoing operation, harnessing power either from its built-in solar panel or through the 7-way trailer connection.

The Asset Gateways undergo stringent testing and quality controls to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. The devices are water-resistant, impact-resilient, and are tested according to truck-specific vibration and temperature profiles. The Asset Gateway Mini also boasts a IP69K waterproof rating.

We use a direct cellular connection to upload equipment or trailer location and other telematics directly to the Motive Dashboard. You can access data through Fleet View or Motive reports.

Learn more about the Fleet View in our Help Center.

Asset tracking and monitoring is the process of using technology, such as GPS, sensors, and software, to keep a real-time record of the location, condition, and usage of valuable assets, like trailers or equipment. This helps businesses manage and protect their assets efficiently, enhancing productivity and reducing risks.

Asset tracking works by attaching sensors / GPS devices to assets. These devices collect and transmit data, including location, condition, and utilization. Users can access this data through software to monitor, manage, and analyze the assets’ status and history in real time.

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