Trailer and equipment tracking

Track your trailers and equipment with location-based insights from the solar-powered Asset Gateway.

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Consolidate operations

Save money by combining multiple subscriptions into one platform across ELD compliance, driver safety, and GPS equipment tracking.

Streamline equipment tracking

Eliminate manual check-in calls with live location data and industry-leading TMS integrations.

Maximize utilization

Identify dormant trailers and equipment with automated reports to keep your fleet moving.

Track all your fleet assets in one dashboard.

Gain visibility into live or historical trailer- and equipment-tracking data to help eliminate yard hunts, track usage for mileage-based maintenance, and prevent theft or misuse.

Track performance against delivery schedules.

Strengthen your customer relationships by notifying them of your status with automatic geofence alerts.

Decrease detention times and improve efficiency.

Keep your fleet, trailers, and equipment utilized at full capacity with location-specific notifications and rich insights to increase profitability.

Catch theft or misuse.

Draw virtual boundaries around any geographical area. Get notified when a vehicle or trailer crosses a geofence to avoid unauthorized use or theft.

Frequently asked questions

The Asset Gateway is designed to be installed in less than 10 minutes without a mechanic — when using the solar charging option. If the Asset Gateway is installed underneath the trailer where sunlight isn’t available for charging, there’s an option to install it using a 7-way trailer cable connection.

Learn how to install the Asset Gateway in our Help Center.

The Asset Gateway provides industry-leading visibility by recording GPS/location data every minute the trailer is in motion.

The Asset Gateway is backed by an industry-leading, five-year hardware warranty.

Any geographical region. Search for a specific address or draw virtual boundaries around any region that’s important to your business.

Learn how to create a geofence in our Help Center.

With Geofence Alerts, you’ll receive an email that includes the time, date, geofence name, geofence category, and the asset ID when a vehicle enters or exits a geofence. With Dormancy Alerts, you’ll receive an email that includes the idle duration, asset ID, and location when a trailer has been idle for an extended period of time.

Learn how to create a geofence alert in our Help Center.

Yes. From the Motive Fleet Management Dashboard, click on Reports and select the desired report. You can export the results as a PDF or a CSV file.

No. The Asset Gateway is a fully independent product that can be used with or without the Motive Vehicle Gateway. While all of our products are designed to work alongside each other through the Motive platform, the Asset Gateway and dashboard can be used by customers whether or not they require Vehicle Gateways or operate tractors.

The Asset Gateway is designed to operate continuously by charging wirelessly from the integrated solar panel or by drawing power from the trailer via the 7-way trailer connection.

The Asset Gateway is a ruggedized product designed for trucking stresses and outdoor use. It’s water-resistant, impact-resilient, and is tested according to truck-specific vibration and temperature profiles.

We use a direct cellular connection to upload equipment or asset location and other statistics directly to our servers.

Learn more about the Fleet View Map in our Help Center.

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