QFS Transportation sees big savings and driver growth with Motive.

How one large fleet decreased HOS violations and more than doubled driver count.


QFS Transportation is proud to have a culture of excellence, committed to offering the very best value to clients who rely on the company’s intermodal trucking services. While its corporate headquarters is located in Indiana, QFS Transportation has a network of trucking agents operating throughout the United States.

With a fleet of around 700 drivers and a small office staff to manage everything, QFS Transportation needed to streamline operations and improve efficiency. On top of efficiency improvements, the company was receiving around 300 hours of service (HOS) violations each year and needed a better way to reduce this number.

After switching to Motive’s suite of tools for fleet management, QFS Transportation saw a sharp decline in HOS violations, an increase in annual savings, and an improvement in driver retention due to Motive’s easy-to-use platform.


decrease in HOS violations


annual savings in operations costs


growth in ELD drivers


With a large fleet to manage, QFS Transportation was looking for a better way to improve efficiency without adding administrative headcount. After trying a different ELD provider, QFS found the solution wasn’t cost-effective and was difficult for drivers, who had to find out how to purchase their own compatible ELD hardware.

Without an easy solution for drivers, QFS was dealing with a lackluster driver retention rate and a higher-than-desirable number of HOS violations. The company needed a solution that was cost-friendly, easy to use, and reliable in order to improve efficiency, HOS violation rates, and driver retention.


By helping grow the company’s fleet and providing cost-effective hardware and fleet management software, Motive has made a big impact on QFS Transportation’s success.  Lexi Cavaliere, Fleet Administrator at QFS says, “Motive has 100% empowered drivers to work more efficiently and independently. They love the way the app looks and tell me all the time it’s a lot easier to use than other tools they’ve tried. The best part is, when they want me to change the way the app looks to make it more efficient for their everyday use, I can!” 

Motive is the reason we’ve had so much growth in our number of drivers in the past year. When I talk to new agents and drivers about the process of onboarding with us and I say we use Motive, they’re like, ‘Thank goodness, that’s something I know.’

Lexi Cavaliere, Fleet Administrator for Safety & Compliance, QFS Transportation

On top of improving the driver and agent experience, QFS Transportation also wanted to work on decreasing HOS and safety violations, turning to Motive’s advanced driver monitoring and coaching capabilities. “Drivers know the ELD is recording their drive time at all times so when an incident happens, they’ll call me to address it right away.”


Using Motive’s powerful, user-friendly fleet management software along with its commitment to excellence, QFS Transportation was able to decrease costs, improve driver retention, and lower HOS violations.

“We’ve saved at least $140,000 annually bringing on Motive, which replaced the need for a night-shift employee to manage dispatch operations,” says Lexi. “We’ve also saved in HOS violations, which are down about 40%,” she continues. On top of saving money for commercial fleet companies, Motive is a tool drivers want to use, which has been huge for QFS Transportation. “In the past three years, we’ve grown from 100 to around 450 ELD and app drivers, and more drivers are switching from paper logs to using the app every other week. That’s 100% due to Motive,” Lexi explains.

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