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Know where your equipment is at all times.

Motive’s asset tracking capabilities provide uninterrupted service no matter the location or conditions.

Know where your equipment is
Know where your equipment is

Protect all your equipment and vehicles from misuse and theft with live GPS tracking. Monitor everything, from anywhere, in a single dashboard.

Real-time GPS monitoring and geofencing keeps track of your machinery and vehicles to ensure their security.

Real-time monitoring of your agricultural equipment maximizes productivity while reducing your seasonal labor costs.

Prolong equipment lifespan with maintenance reminders and alerts.

The machinery used in agriculture is highly specialized and presents unique maintenance challenges.

Prolong equipment
Prolong equipment

Receive alerts when specific assets need maintenance or review your entire operation all in one customizable dashboard.

Gain full visibility into your asset maintenance tasks and workflows.

Catch vehicle defects early with fault code detection and real-time alerts.

Save fuel and cut costs.

Precise fuel usage data and detailed reports provide the insights you need to reduce operational costs.

Save fuel and Cut costs
Save fuel and Cut costs

Fuel Score provides an accurate metric to measure your top- and under-performing drivers and vehicles.

Compare your fuel usage against Motive averages. Gauge your fuel economy relative to other operations.

Pinpoint fuel-wasting vehicles using the industry’s first, AI-driven fleet fuel management software.

Simplify deliveries with navigation.

Get the full picture on road conditions, weather, and more to reroute your drivers or prep for delays.

Simplify deliveries
Simplify deliveries

A vehicle that’s not on the road is costing you money. Maximize uptime with constant maintenance and performance reporting.

Receive real-time dispatch updates and deploy navigation within the app.

Send or receive instant proof of delivery and validate work with document uploading.

Increase driver safety and efficiency

AI dashcams

Proactively identify high-risk drivers by combining telematics, AI, and video footage.

Optimized routes

Improve route efficiency to save fuel and time with near real-time fleet tracking.

Fleet activity

Gain insights into fleet activity that help you plan better routes and provide reliable ETAs to your customers.

In-field GPS

Apply GPS mapping systems to help field drivers follow a straight line when plowing.

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