Bennett shifts safety initiatives into high gear with AI-powered data and insights from the Motive platform.

Safety comes first at Bennett and now the company has real-time driver coaching and accident detection, with on-the-spot exoneration evidence from Motive’s AI Dashcams.


Bennett Family of Companies is a transportation services company that offers transportation and logistics solutions through a fleet of about 4,500 vehicles. 

As one of the nation’s leading providers of logistics and transportation services for nearly 50 years, Bennett is committed to being among the safest and most responsible carriers in the industry. 

Bennett chose Motive’s fleet management platform and AI dash cams as a centerpiece of its safety initiative to advance driver performance through real-time driver coaching, reduce company risk with accident detection and driver exoneration evidence, and improve overall compliance requirements faster and more accurately.

In this video, executives from Bennett explain how  Motive has become a long-term partner in the company’s continued commitment to safety and how the Motive platform is returning dividends across its fleet operations.

I’ve spent a lot of time with the team at Motive, and I would rank them in the top three to four partners that I’ve worked with in my career … When we’ve needed Motive, they’ve been there for us. And when we’ve had issues, they’ve solved those issues. They’ve been a great partner.

Tim Hadden, CIO, Bennett Family of Companies

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