Agmark reduces accidents by 67% and improves driver safety performance by 15% with Motive.

After investing in Motive AI Dashcams and Asset Gateways, Agmark reduced their accident rate, increased asset utilization, and cut costs.

Agmark and Motive


When Agmark’s AI dash cam contract expired in 2022, the company decided to consolidate their technologies with a single provider. They’d been using Motive Vehicle Gateways since 2019, along with AI dash cams from a Motive competitor. Curious to see how Motive’s AI Dashcam measured up against the competition, Agmark conducted a head-to-head trial between them. 

“It wasn’t even close,” says Chris Jaffe, Agmark’s senior vice president of technology. “Motive’s AI capabilities are far superior to the competitor’s. Choosing the Motive cameras was a big win for us.” 

Agmark didn’t just invest in Motive dual-facing AI Dashcams, they also invested in Motive’s AI Omnicam side cameras, giving them 360-degree visibility around every vehicle. Agmark rounded out their Motive portfolio with Asset Gateways so they could verify service and track their equipment in real time. The technologies work seamlessly together, giving Agmark the visibility and control they lacked with their last provider.


reduction in accidents


reduction in unsafe driving behaviors


increase in equipment utilization


Agmark’s business consists of two arms: Agmark Logistics transports bulk liquids around the globe, shipping things like juice, alcohol, sweeteners, and vegetable oil, while Agmark Intermodal is a pioneer in the intermodal shipping industry. The grain commodity business transports animal feed from the Midwest to the East Coast, ultimately distributing it to local farms. 

As a global enterprise headquartered in Nashville, few of Agmark’s pick-ups and deliveries actually take place in Tennessee. “So the visibility of the network is a challenge,” explains Jaffe. “We need visibility into everything that happens, including where people are located and if work is being executed safely. Having that knowledge is really important in our business.”

Agmark’s bulk liquid business presents unique challenges.  Many loads consist of hazardous materials and others are temperature sensitive.  Agmark’s custom designed containers are super insulated to preserve temperature but if the team loses visibility of a shipment it can lead to expensive consequences.  Managing and addressing those challenges can be difficult and labor-intensive.

Before adopting Motive, Agmark had a series of sideswipe accidents, but no video evidence to show what happened or determine who was liable. In addition, they didn’t have Asset Gateways or geofencing that could track the location of equipment and confirm that shipments had been delivered. 

To confirm delivery, Agmark relied solely on the time stamps at the receivers’ yards. But sometimes the products wouldn’t be time stamped by the receiver until days after liquids had been delivered. With Agmark’s products being time- and heat-sensitive, there was a high risk of spoilage if the products sat out too long. It had the potential to be a costly problem.


The increased visibility and control Agmark gets from Motive’s AI-powered technologies has transformed their safety program. “We are big fans of the AI Omnicams,” Jaffe says. “We haven’t had an at-fault accident since we installed the cameras last June, and three of the accidents that people tried to pin on us, they couldn’t. Right away, we were able to show the video footage to law enforcement. The AI Omnicam has literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims.” 

The AI Omnicam is the only vehicle camera with AI-enabled hardware built for side, rear, passenger, and cargo monitoring. When paired with Motive’s AI Dashcam, the camera system gives Agmark up to six camera angles and unprecedented visibility into everything that happens. 

And with Motive’s AI Dashcams, Agmark gets notified instantly whenever distracted driving takes place, allowing the safety manager to follow up right away. Through the technology’s in-cab alerts, drivers are notified instantly as well, allowing them to correct unsafe behavior. 

While enhanced safety performance has been the biggest differentiator for Agmark under Motive, it’s not the only one. Motive’s Asset Gateways have improved efficiency for Agmark, enabling them to reduce the number of assets they have and cut costs. 

In a trial with four different vendors, Motive’s Asset Gateway Solar stood out to Agmark for its ability to be charged by the sun. With Motive Asset Gateways, Agmark can follow each asset’s route from where it started to where it ended. “Motive’s solar panel allows us to have mapping for the whole trip,” says Jaffe. “The team loves that aspect, and they love what they’re seeing from an efficiency standpoint.”

Motive’s Asset Gateways have also made it easier for Agmark to better utilize equipment, something that wasn’t always so easy before. At one point in 2022, Agmark desperately needed chassis to help move their equipment, but new chassis were hard to come by.

Everything is more seamless with Motive. We’ve previously used four different systems and Motive is by far the best experience. We are 10 times more efficient. Before, we were doing a lot of things manually and guessing some of the time. With Motive’s automation and integrated platform, we have the answers at our fingertips.

Chris Jaffe, Senior Vice President of Technology, Agmark

A chassis is a wheeled piece of equipment used to transport containers between terminals, ports, warehouses, railyards, and shipping facilities. During the pandemic, a shortage of chassis became a huge problem for Agmark. With chassis back ordered for months, Agmark had no choice but to better utilize the ones they had. In tracking their chassis with Motive’s Asset Gateways, Agmark could see exactly where their chassis were located and how long they were idle. 

“We could identify equipment that wasn’t being utilized and move it to another location where it was needed,” Jaffe says. “We might have a chassis that hasn’t been used in 180 days, so we could move it from Point A to Point B. Maybe the chassis was in a location where we were doing a lot of business and we left it there just in case business crept back up again. But it never did. We can move it to Jacksonville, where we have a lot of business right now.”

Things like that were happening so frequently, Agmark was able to decrease their chassis count from 425 to 380 (11%). “We’ve been able to decrease the size of our fleet and still operate effectively, because we’re able to get better visibility of the chassis that are sitting for a long time and utilize them so much better,” Jaffe says. 

Decreasing their chassis count has saved Agmark money on the maintenance side of their business too and prevented them from having to buy new chassis over time.


Agmark’s operations are safer, more secure, and more efficient with Motive. One look at Agmark’s Motive Safety Score shows a drastic improvement in fleet performance. 

Motive Safety Scores track fleet safety performance over time, reflecting an average of safe driving and unsafe driving incidents captured by the AI Dashcam. Higher scores are better than lower scores, with fleets striving for a perfect score of 100.

“When we first started with the AI Dashcams, our highest Motive Safety Score was 82 or 83. Now we’re seeing our lowest score is 80 and our average is 93 or 94,” Jaffe says. “We actually have one driver who’s had a score of 100 for the last six weeks in a row. Our coaches are using that Safety Score as a coaching mechanism to help drivers improve, and the drivers are taking it very seriously.”

A 15% improvement in Safety Score translates into fewer unsafe behaviors, fewer accidents, fewer claims, and more savings. Jaffe notes that in the 12 months before they deployed Motive cameras, they had nine accidents. In the 12 months since they’ve had three, none of which were their fault, representing a 67% reduction in accidents. 

Since switching to Motive Asset Gateways, Agmark has had an easier time verifying customer service and locating their equipment. They no longer have to take someone’s word that the shipment arrived days later than it actually did. 

“Everything is more seamless with Motive,” Jaffe says. “We’ve previously used four different systems and Motive is by far the best experience. We are 10 times more efficient. Before, we were doing a lot of things manually and guessing some of the time. With Motive’s automation and integrated platform, we have the answers at our fingertips.”

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