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The world’s most accurate AI Dashcam

Prevent accidents and protect your drivers with Motive’s industry leading AI Dashcam and automated driver coaching.

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A fleet card that drives profitability

Save at the pump with the no-fee Motive Card. Know where every dollar goes with in-the-moment notifications sent directly to your Fleet Dashboard.

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The ELD that drivers love

Reduce risk and simplify complex regulations with an ELD that drivers love and compliance tools that automate routines.

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Tracking and telematics for real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility into the location, utilization, and health of your vehicles, equipment, and assets.

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Develop a strong safety culture that increases productivity, profitability, and driver safety.


The ultimate fuel savings guide for owners

Learn the factors that control fuel efficiency and maintenance.


2022 Enterprise ROI Safety Report

Find out how to achieve up to 10x ROI with AI-powered dashcams and coaching.


Which smart fleet platform is right for your business?

Explore the most important factors to consider when evaluating a technology platform to transform your physical operations.

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