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Real-time GPS insights with full fleet visibility.

Get the best live and historical location tracking to identify when a driver is on-site, where a vehicle is located, and prevent theft from occurring.

Revolutionize fleet management with Motive Fleet View (2:04)
Motive GPS Tracking Fleet View

Effortlessly monitor your vehicles and drivers.

Go beyond traditional GPS reporting tools and gain greater visibility and control with one integrated system. Motive’s comprehensive fleet tracking solution is integrated within the Motive ecosystem, connecting safety, compliance and driver coaching data, eliminating data silos.

Real-time visibility

Live GPS vehicle tracking.

Share the real-time location of your fleet vehicles effortlessly, facilitating seamless communication and status updates for drivers on the go, while also providing administrators with live tracking capabilities.

  • Get vehicle location updates as fast as every two seconds.
  • Eliminate check-in calls with real-time tracking.
  • View telematics data like speed, direction, and fault codes.
Real-time visibility map view
Route optimization

Unlock insights on driver activity and vehicle routes.

Analyze finished jobs with trip history reports to improve performance and reduce delays. See exactly where drivers, vehicles, and trailers have been:

  • Track drive time, mileage, idle time, and MPGs.
  • Reduce liability by verifying past locations.
  • Avoid common road hazards with custom navigation tools.
Customer satisfaction

Deliver exceptional customer service.

Provide more accurate delivery estimates to customers, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction due to delays or inaccurate information.

  • Live location sharing
  • Predictive and accurate ETAs
  • Automated arrival notifications
  • Proof of service
GPS fleet tracking live location sharing map view
Risk management

Turn data into insights with automated alerts.

Stay Informed with dynamic updates, enabling proactive at-risk load management. Customize alerts for drivers, vehicles, or groups with ease for maximum flexibility.

  • Receive geofence alerts to detect unauthorized activity.
  • Proactively identify vehicle issues with fault code alerts.
  • Stay ahead of HOS violations with pre-violation alerts.
  • Improve driver safety with coaching alerts for unsafe driving.
GPS fleet tracking geofence alerts
On the go

Your fleet at your fingertips.

Manage your fleet in the office, in the field, or on your way home. The Motive Fleet App is built for managers on the move. Download now on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Motive Fleet App gps tracking view

Trust your location data

Our foundation lies in cutting-edge hardware that links your physical operations together. Our intelligent, high-performance tracking and telematics devices are designed to excel even in demanding and remote work environments.

Motive Vehicle Gateway

Vehicle Gateway

Motive’s GPS tracking technology is powered by the Vehicle Gateway. It uses built-in cellular connectivity to continuously sync driver and vehicle data with the Motive’s Driver App and Fleet Dashboard.

  • FMCSA-registered and Canada-certified ELD
  • Reports GPS data back every 1-3 seconds
  • Built-in 4G LTE cellular hotspot*

Rosendin enhances safety and profitability with improved project visibility.

Discover how the Motive Safety and Tracking & Telematics platform helped reduce risky driving behaviors, lower costs, and recover stolen assets.

“Just a short while ago, one of our vans was stolen. It was in the middle of the night, and I hopped out of bed and quickly ran over to my computer. Thanks to the Vehicle Gateway, I started tracking the van while I was on the phone with the San Jose Police Department. We were able to track it and recover it.”

Jon Fontaine, Corporate Fleet Manager

Rosendin Electric success story

Gain the advantage of complete visibility.

Get real-time visibility into location, utilization, health of vehicles, equipment, and other physical assets.

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Full fleet and asset visibility

Easily access real-time and historical operational data for drivers, equipment, and vehicles with the Motive Fleet dashboard.

Location-based Automation

Simplify fleet management with real-time alerts based on vehicle and asset locations. Monitor arrivals, get location alerts, prevent theft, and verify service with automated reports.

Reliable Hardware

Rugged hardware built for extreme weather and remote sites. Data is locally stored for backup and reported upon reconnection.

A guide for fleet managers

Saving fuel and tracking fleet productivity.

Save money and boost fleet profitability with a comprehensive GPS solution and top-of-the line telematics.

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Frequently asked questions

GPS fleet tracking is the utilization of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology for monitoring and gathering data about a vehicle fleet’s location, movement, and relevant information. It involves outfitting each vehicle in the fleet with a GPS device that communicates with satellites to pinpoint its exact position. Real-time data, including vehicle speed, direction, and location coordinates, is collected by GPS fleet tracking systems and transmitted to a central server or cloud-based platform, where fleet managers can readily access and analyze it.

GPS fleet tracking software offers numerous benefits for businesses with vehicle fleets, including real-time visibility for informed decisions and optimized resource allocation. It streamlines route planning, reducing travel time and fuel costs through traffic and road closure consideration. Additionally, it enhances safety by identifying risky behaviors and encouraging safer practices, supports preventive maintenance, boosts productivity, and ensures accurate billing based on actual miles driven.

Fleet View, in the Motive Fleet Dashboard provides a comprehensive and real-time overview of a fleet’s operations. It allows fleet managers or operators to monitor multiple aspects of their fleet in one place, making it easier to track and manage vehicles and drivers efficiently. The Fleet View typically displays information such as vehicle locations, statuses, telematics data, and other relevant details, enabling better decision-making, improved safety, and enhanced overall fleet management.

To learn more, review the ‘How to track drivers in Fleet View’ article in our Help Center.

The GPS update latency can vary based on the rate of change in vehicle speed and direction. Updates are typically received as fast as two seconds when the rate of change-of-speed or direction is high. The slowest update frequency is 30 seconds, assuming the vehicle is in a location with slower network connectivity. To get real-time GPS vehicle tracking updates, select Live View from the Fleet View Map.

Get more information about the Fleet View Map in our Help Center.

Vehicle locations are recorded by the Motive Vehicle Gateway, which is equipped with a GPS chip inside the device. When the vehicle is in motion, GPS coordinates can be collected as fast as every two seconds. Drivers who connect to a Vehicle Gateway will have their locations match that of the vehicle. Drivers who use the Motive Driver App without a Vehicle Gateway will have locations updated from their smart devices.

Please review our Help Center articles to learn how to view both driver location history and vehicle location history.

Yes. The cellular-enabled Motive Vehicle Gateway constantly collects and sends GPS and vehicle data to the Motive Fleet Management Dashboard even if your driver isn’t connected to the Driver App.

All location history data for drivers and vehicles is stored on Motive servers and is backed up numerous times across multiple data centers. Fleet managers can access location history data for the duration that the driver was using the Motive App and for the duration that the Motive Vehicle Gateway was installed in the vehicle.

Receive live GPS vehicle tracking and telematics updates as fast as every two seconds beginning in our Starter plan.

Visit our Help Center to learn how to use Vehicle Follow Mode on the Fleet Dashboard.

GPS vehicle tracking works on Android versions 10.0 and above, and iOS versions 12.0 and above.

The Motive Fleet App can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple app store.

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4G LTE hotspot built directly into the Vehicle Gateway for 500 MB of free, in-cab WiFi per month (available with Pro and Enterprise plans).