Maximizing Safety and Reducing Claims: How Meiborg Brothers Leveraged Motive Technology to Transform Their Fleet Operations

Meiborg Brothers enhances safety and efficiency with Motive's accurate collision detection.


For Meiborg Brothers, a prominent mid-sized trucking company, managing their fleet effectively while ensuring safety and minimizing liability posed considerable challenges. Their previous dash cams were falling short, providing neither the clarity nor the real-time responsiveness required for effective safety management. All of this changed with the integration of Motive’s AI Dashcams and AI Omnicams, which have transformed their operations for the better.

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Understanding the Challenges

Originally, Meiborg Brothers was hindered by outdated dash cams that were unreliable, exposing Meiborg Brothers to unnecessary liability. Low-resolution video recordings offered little defense against rising insurance claims and unwarranted legal disputes. Their outdated system compromised safety and became a liability.

“Our previous dash cams weren’t up to par,” says Meiborg Brothers safety supervisor Sam Watts. “Today, it’s essential to have high-quality video for insurance purposes and legal situations where clarity is paramount. And we just didn’t have it.”

Switching to Motive

Recognizing the need for AI-powered solutions that could handle the complexities of modern fleet management, Meiborg Brothers turned to Motive. Motive’s technology, including AI Dashcams and AI Omnicams, provided the multifaceted support the trucking company needed. Noting the transformative impact of Motive’s integrated platform, Watts especially valued having their safety and compliance technologies in one place for complete visibility and control.

The Implementation Process

By integrating their technologies on Motive’s all-in-one platform, Meiborg Brothers saw the benefits immediately. Motive’s real-time collision detection system was especially vital. It notified Watts instantly when incidents occurred, allowing for swift and effective action. The significant improvement in incident management enabled Meiborg Brothers to handle road safety and disputes with unprecedented efficiency. “We have paid for all the equipment we purchased from Motive two to three times over, just from what we’ve been able to prove in accident exoneration,” Watts says.

Positive Results Achieved

Motive’s high-quality, HD video footage significantly enhanced Meiborg Brothers safety performance, leading to lower insurance rates. The clarity of the video provided to the insurance company showed what happened in crystal clear detail, solidifying the insurer’s trust in Meiborg Brothers and minimizing the risk of costly litigation.

“Our insurance company values our partnership because we provide them with clear, immediate footage of incidents, allowing them to see exactly what happened,” Watts explains.

Motive’s advanced technology yielded strong financial returns. In fact, Watts estimates that their Motive investment paid for itself multiple times over through savings in accident and incident disputes.

Furthermore, the ability to effectively challenge false claims and swiftly resolve issues became an invaluable asset to the company. “With Motive, we’ve been able to fight numerous insurance and legal claims because we had definitive proof of what happened and who was liable,” Watts says.

In partnering with Motive, Meiborg Brothers addressed their complex challenges more easily. Having concrete video evidence safeguarded their assets and reinforced their reputation as a responsible fleet operator. Through Motive’s reliable AI-powered solutions, Meiborg Brothers is setting a new standard for operational excellence in the trucking industry.

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