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Heritage-Crystal Clean reduced compliance violations by 25%.

How a 1,000-vehicle fleet simplified compliance for its drivers and managers.

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Commercial fleets save up to 13% on fuel costs, study shows.

Gain insights into your fleet fuel use and identify ways to improve efficiency.

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We’ve helped over 120,000 customers unlock their potential.


Rosendin Electric

Discover how the Motive Safety and Tracking & Telematics platform helped reduce risky driving behaviors, lower costs, and recover stolen assets.

Trucking & Logistics

Interstate Power Systems

How one company leverages real-time data to improve driver and fleet safety, while saving more than $1M with Motive.

Field Services

Cascade Environmental

Learn how smart dash cams help prevent accidents, improve behavior, and boost compliance.

Trucking & Logistics

Joseph Distribution

Take operations from analog to digital with the Motive + Fleetio integration.

Trucking & Logistics

Page Transportation

Discover how Motive helps strengthen driver and manager relationships while improving safety and compliance.

Food & Beverage

West Coast Distributing

Paper logs were resulting in Hours of Service violations. So one company sought a better solution.


TZC Services

How dash cams reduce accidents and improve coaching for one excavation company.

Oil & Gas

Trade Star

Discover why one oil-hauling fleet trusts Motive for IFTA reports, GPS tracking, HOS logs, maintenance, and more.

Field Services

Steel View

Industrial service provider Steel View enjoys user-friendly tech that automates IFTA reporting.


Sierra Mountain Express

Discover how one auto transport carrier streamlined back-office operations with an intuitive fleet management solution.

Trucking & Logistics

Roadco Transportation

After switching to Motive, Roadco Transportation Services improves vehicle health and saves thousands in towing fees.

Trucking & Logistics

Rey Logistics

Switching back to Motive brings fewer technical issues and a quieter back office.

Trucking & Logistics

Miller Expedited Freight

Motive AI Dashcam footage helps one company improve driver habits and safety operations.

Passenger Transit

Kansas City Limousine

After the ELD mandate, Kansas City Limousine needed a reliable ELD provider.


Equipment Corporation of America

Find out how Motive empowers ECA technicians to focus on the task and the customer.

Trucking & Logistics

Harms Pacific Transport

For an award-winning fleet that hauls hazardous chemicals, FMCSA compliance is paramount. See how Motive helped.

Trucking & Logistics

CSX Intermodal

How usability and data issues drove CSX Intermodal to switch to Motive’s reliable ELD solution.

Trucking & Logistics

Conner Logistics

After trialing Samsara and Motive, one freight company chose Motive for a more reliable connection and saw instant ROI.

Passenger Transit

BEST Transportation

Why an award-winning limousine operator trusts Motive to ensure safety and efficiency for its entire fleet.

Trucking & Logistics

10-4 Alliance

How Motive’s smart dash cams helped build a safe culture and improve driver coaching.


Mohawk Materials

Explore why smarter, centralized tech delivers better fleet visibility than PeopleNet.


Reliable Carriers

Discover one company’s incredible ROI after selecting our safety solution.

Trucking & Logistics

Carolina Logistic

Discover why the switch from Translfo to Motive was so simple.

Oil & Gas

Usher Transport

Discover how a smarter dash cam empowered one company to improve its coaching program and reward good drivers.

Trucking & Logistics

Tri-Pol Enterprises

Learn how one company used dash cam data to prove driver safety and enhance its coaching program.

Oil & Gas

Precision Drilling

How reducing administrative tasks helps one company refocus on improving safety and increasing efficiency.

Food & Beverage


Discover how the right tech improves driver safety while accelerating the business.

Trucking & Logistics

InterMountain Express

Using Motive for all fleet activity delivered powerful data that reduced costs enough to keep the company in business.

Oil & Gas

Flying Star Transport

Learn how switching to a single fleet management solution can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety.


Firefighting’s Finest

Discover how a data-driven approach to safety empowers one company to improve behavior and reward good drivers.

Trucking & Logistics

Expressway Logistics

And better scores lead to lower costs. Discover how telematics from Motive improved compliance and reduced insurance rates.

Oil & Gas

D & A McRae Inc.

Discover how Motive’s Smart Dashcam protects the business and improves coaching for a smarter, safer fleet.

Oil & Gas

Cordy Environmental Inc

See why having the right tech in place made all the difference for one company and its drivers.


American Logistics Services

Discover how one company increased utilization by 20% after switching to a single fleet management solution.

Trucking & Logistics

Alba Freight Lines Inc.

Find out how Motive helped Alba improve its safety rating and streamline compliance operations.

Field Service

Heritage Crystal Clean

Discover how reliable, easy-to-use solutions reduced HOS violations and boosted CSA scores.

Passenger Transit

Groome Transportation

Discover how Motive’s AI Dashcam delivers powerful ROI on the road and in the office.


Pronto Delivery

See how one company spends 80% less time on administrative tasks with our all-in-one fleet management solution.

Trucking & Logistics

ARL Transport

Learn how one company uses dash cam footage and telematics to prevent accidents and improve coaching.