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Page Trucking prioritizes driver safety and is committed to satisfying all regulatory requirements. When the ELD mandate went into effect, Page Trucking faced pushback from its employees.

After implementing Motive ELD units, Page Trucking saw significant reductions in inspection defects and HOS violations, and improved HOS compliance CSA and maintenance CSA scores. Soon after rolling out ELDs, Page Trucking started using Motive to file its fuel tax reports, simplify its dispatch operations, and create custom DVIRs to ensure compliance across its fleet.


Fewer inspections with defects


Fewer HOS violations


Improved HOS Compliance CSA score


As a family-owned and -operated business for more than 50 years, Page Trucking puts a lot of emphasis on extending that family environment to all employees and contractors. The company places as much value in its drivers’ safety and success as it does delivering great service to its customers.

However, when the U.S. ELD mandate went into effect, Page Trucking faced a dilemma. Although installing ELDs throughout its fleet would improve the safety of its drivers and other vehicles on the road and put the company in compliance with the DOT, it faced significant resistance. Many of its drivers were trucking veterans accustomed to paper logs and averse to newer technology. Additionally, HOS criteria for assigned routes didn’t account for certain safety nuances, like drivers needing to stop and sleep to avoid drowsy driving, or taking longer but safer routes to avoid traffic.

So much of the feedback we had gotten in the last few years with ELDs was that it made drivers more unsafe because they were rushing,

Piper Titus, CEO, Page Trucking


In the beginning, Page Trucking only used Motive to help with its compliance and to track HOS. But as the company became more comfortable with the platform, and as Motive evolved to offer more robust features while maintaining the same level of usability, it became clear it was a great fit.

“We were growing into ELD compliance at the same time Motive was growing the business,” Piper Titus, CEO of Page Trucking, says.

Soon after, Page Trucking started using Motive to file its fuel tax reports, simplify its dispatch operations, and create custom DVIRs to ensure compliance across its fleet. Today, Titus said, a major benefit the company has gleaned from Motive is the ability to monitor driver safety and find opportunities to coach and reward drivers through Motive’s Smart Dashcam.

“We really believe in a ‘coach, counseling, and remediate’ mentality when it comes to safety,” Titus emphasizes. However, driver coaching is a relatively newer concept. Titus found Motive helpful when handling drivers unaccustomed to receiving constructive feedback on their driving behavior.

“They see what we see,” Titus notes, like automatic alerts and video captures during safety events, or data collected from hard braking or rapid acceleration. Not only is there evidence to back driver feedback, it also helps Page Trucking identify Safety Score improvements or high-performing drivers to reward and congratulate.


Through Motive, Page Trucking wasn’t just able to improve and maintain the
safety and compliance of its physical operations. It also allowed the company to differentiate itself from its competitors as it blazes a new path in the speciality trucking market. And, most importantly to Titus and the rest of the company, Motive helped Page Trucking accomplish it all while still keeping the same family-like culture at the heart of the business. Want to learn more? Discover the ELD compliance solution that Page Trucking trusts.

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