Reliable Carriers chose Motive over Samsara after months of test driving.

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Based in Canton, Michigan, Reliable Carriers provides specialized automotive transportation services within the United States and Canada. This family-owned and operated company has over 60 years of expertise in transporting vehicles for distribution, engineering, high-end auctions, auto shows, and other special events.

Reliable’s mission is one of continuous improvement and flexibility, which ensures the company exceeds clients’ expectations. Reliable is trusted by the world’s top automotive brands to transport their most exclusive vehicles — and deliver them on time, in pristine condition. To help the company uphold this superior level of customer service, Reliable began to evaluate modern fleet management solutions.


damage-free delivery rate


test drivers chose Motive over Samsara


on-time delivery rate


Reliable needed one place to view data and behavior

Lauren Abrams is a product manager at Reliable. As a third-generation leader at the company, she is responsible for working within various areas of the company to create efficiencies and roll out new initiatives that enable Reliable Carriers to remain best-in-class.

“Safety is essential to everything we do,” says Abrams. “The pandemic gave us an opportunity to take a step back from normal operations and focus on making long-term, safety-related investments into Reliable’s future.”

Reliable was initially using an incumbent provider to help manage fleet operations but experienced several major pain points. First was the lack of visibility into driver safety while on the road. “We have very high standards with the drivers we hire, but we’re always looking for new ways to improve our safety metrics and accountability,” explains Abrams. “Our previous solution didn’t provide our safety department the actionable data or visibility needed to build a proactive, incident-based coaching program.”

Second was the legacy solution’s inability to offer AI-powered dash cams that reliably integrated with the existing telematics data. “We run complex operations, spanning five different offices and over 300 drivers across North America,” says Abrams. “One of our main objectives was implementing consistent and reliable technology across our fleet. In the event our driver is involved in an incident, it’s critical we have full confidence in the dash cams’ ability to automatically record and backup high-quality footage. It’s also essential our team has instant access to the dash cam video along with its adjoining telematics data. Having a dash cam onboard is great, but we wanted one our company could count on when our drivers needed it most.”

Abrams and her team were ready to make a long-term investment in a partner that could seamlessly scale with Reliable over time and began investigating switching to a more modernized solution. After countless meetings with various providers, the team narrowed it down to two finalists: Samsara and Motive.


Why Motive beat Samsara

Reliable conducted an exhaustive head-to-head trial with Motive and Samsara. After comprehensively testing both solutions for months across 40 different test drivers, the Reliable team unanimously decided that Motive was the right fit for the business. “By the end of our testing, the decision to move forward with Motive was an easy one,” recalls Abrams.

The first selling point was the Motive AI Dashcam. “The AI Dashcam instantly alerts our team to review any high-risk situations on the road,” says Abrams. “The accuracy of the AI Dashcam’s detection — and the contextual tags automatically associated with the videos — eliminates the need to play detective and gives us the ability to immediately direct our attention to where it’s required most.”

These AI Dashcams are worth a million dollars. There’s simply no price you can put on how valuable these cameras are to our business.

Tom Abrams, CEO, Reliable Carriers

Second was the ability for drivers to actually see their own dash cam footage. “With Samsara, our drivers weren’t able to see their own dash cam footage. If something happened on the road, they would have to call our back office and wait for the video to be sent. With Motive, our drivers can easily access their own dash cam video right through their Driver App.” This is one example of how Motive is designed with drivers in mind. “It’s imperative for us to provide our drivers with the tools & resources they need to succeed,” emphasizes Abrams.

Third was the feedback they received from drivers on Motive’s technology. “We work across all different types of drivers — Teams, Over-the-Road, Regional, Local, Canadian, Company, Lease, Owner-Operators, you name it! When we got the consistent feedback of ‘we love Motive’ from each and every type of driver in our fleet, we knew we had it right,” recalls Abrams.

Abrams and her team knew securing driver buy-in was central to adoption. “Motive is the quality of product that our drivers deserve,” continues Abrams. “The praise for Motive spread quickly throughout our fleet, to the point that we actually had drivers reaching out asking when they could get their Motive dash cams and technology installed. Knowing we were providing a solution our drivers truly loved made our jobs that much easier.”

Finally was the quality of support that Motive offered. “We immediately noticed that Motive has their support number everywhere. That transparency is huge,” says Abrams. “Samsara simply directed drivers to a knowledge base. When my drivers have an issue, they need to talk to someone. Knowing that they could call a team of experts 24/7, without putting additional administrative burden on our back office, was a game-changer.”


How AI Dashcams delivered powerful results

“This technology has had a profound effect on all areas of our organization. None of us can imagine going back to life before Motive,” notes Abrams. “We believe the investment and implementation of this upgraded safety technology has sent out a clear message on our commitment to safety. This new technology works as an indispensable complement to all our other safety programs in place.”

Motive’s platform combined with Reliable’s in-depth hiring requirements, thorough orientation program, and continuing education has resulted in an impressive safety record. Over the last year, Reliable has consistently sustained highly optimized, safe operations, including:

  • 100% on-time delivery
  • 99.97% damage-free delivery
  • Only one DOT-recordable crash for every 4 million miles driven
  • 100% dash cam adoption across their fleet, including owner-operators

“Rolling out Motive’s technology fleet-wide enabled us to supercharge our safety efforts and keep our company as safe, productive, and profitable as possible,” states Abrams.

“Our safety team now has one unified hub that gives us all of the data we need to better direct our coaching program. If we’re notified that a driver is repeatedly close following, our safety department can instantly assign tailored coursework on close following. We can get right to the point thanks to the accuracy of the AI Dashcam’s detection.”

This proactive coaching reflects Reliable’s ongoing commitment to safety, which is mission-critical in today’s new landscape. “Showcasing your business’ proactive commitment to safety can make all the difference when it comes to combating rising costs,” says Abrams.

Abrams credits strong driver adoption of the dash cams to management involving drivers in the evaluation process. “Our drivers don’t look at these cameras as watchdogs — they’ve seen how these dash cams have their backs time and time again.”

“These AI Dashcams are worth a million dollars,” says Reliable’s CEO Tom Abrams. “There’s simply no price you can put on how valuable these cameras are to our business.”

Moving forward, the Reliable team is excited to incorporate additional functionality into their coaching program, including leveraging DRIVE to build out a turn-key driver incentive program and help predict future accidents.

“I know that switching to a new provider can be an incredibly daunting task,” empathizes Lauren Abrams. “But if I can leave you with one piece of advice, it’s this: trust me, Motive’s worth it.”

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