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Motive AI Dashcam successfully alerts drivers to unsafe driving behavior 86% of the time, 3-4x more than Samsara & Lytx. Explore the findings.


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Enhance the productivity of your government fleet operation.

Increase the operational efficiency of your fleet by leveraging real-time data to make proactive decisions with one integrated system.

See where your drivers, assets, materials, and equipment are and gain real-time insight into how they’re being used so you can respond to changing needs quickly.

Gain full visibility into how and where your fleet is used for better allocation across your community and increased overall utilization.

Connect vehicles, drivers, and the office so everyone can access critical project information and collaborate faster.

Create safer streets with increased driver safety.

Identify, predict, and correct driver safety issues before there is harm to your community.

Detect risky behaviors, get real-time alerts, and capture HD video to identify new coaching opportunities, instill a culture of safety, and potentially lower insurance premiums.

The industry’s best forward, side, and rear-facing AI cameras work together to protect all vehicles including Public Works, Sanitation, Fire, EMS, and Utilities.

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling for a holistic view of driver behavior. Identify high-risk drivers and reward safe drivers.

Improve sustainability with fuel usage insights.

Meet your sustainability targets while keeping your community healthy and safe.

Maximize efficiency and reduce waste with our fuel utilization coaching and fuel and emissions performance tracking and reporting tools.

Limit unsustainable behaviors, including limiting speeding, hard breaking and acceleration, and engine idling.

Identify actionable areas of improvement by pinpointing individual drivers that require coaching and vehicles that need maintenance or upgrades.

Unmatched customer experience.

We ensure that every customer has the tools to be wildly successful.

With more than 300 support reps available 24/7/365 over phone, email, and chat, you can count on Motive to help you maximize your productivity and efficiency.

From simple plug-and-play installation and customizations across the Fleet Dashboard and mobile apps, to pre-built, 3rd-party integrations, Motive helps fleets automate their operations and get more done in less time.

Get seamless, on-demand scalability with elastic architecture. Open APIs and no-code customization make the platform extensible. SSO, data encryption, and SOC2 certification provide enterprise-grade security.

Everything to manage your government fleet and protect your community.

Improve visibility

See where your drivers and assets are and how they’re being used in real time, even in remote areas.

Improve productivity

Automate processes across your business to eliminate manual effort and inefficiencies from disjointed systems.

Assess driver behavior

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling for a 360-degree view of driver behavior.

Increased sustainability

Insights into fuel usage and unnecessary vehicle idling can limit your government fleet’s carbon footprint, protect the environment, and help you save on fuel costs.

Frequently asked questions

Government fleet management involves overseeing fleet performance, maintenance, sustainability, spend, and safety across state and local government fleets. Agencies and departments can leverage fleet solutions for real-time visibility, enhanced citizen services, community and employee safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency. The system provides benefits like GPS tracking, safety monitoring and coaching, equipment monitoring, and maintenance, spend, fuel, and sustainability management.

Our fleet management solutions increase safety and productivity in government fleet operations across state, municipal, and local agencies. Whether in Sanitation, Transit, Public Works, Fire, EMT, or Utilities, we can enhance operational safety and efficiency.

Managing large fleets, including police, fire, sanitation, maintenance, and public service vehicles, poses difficulties in optimizing performance, ensuring safety, and maintaining sustainability. Coordinating operations during peak times, such as snowstorms or community events, requires real-time visibility and efficient routing. Additionally, monitoring asset utilization, promoting community and employee safety, and addressing environmental impact contribute to the complexity. With these challenges in mind, government fleets can extract substantial benefits from utilizing Motive’s fleet management software and vehicle telematics to enhance operational efficiency and overcome day-to-day obstacles.

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