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Transform blind spots into insights with an AI-enabled vehicle camera.

AI Omnicam
AI Omnicam

Motive AI Dashcam successfully alerts drivers to unsafe driving behavior 86% of the time, 3-4x more than Samsara & Lytx. See VTTI results

How it works

AI Omnicam: The first AI-enabled side/rear vehicle camera with built-in cellular connectivity.

Instantly detect risk

Resolve disputes faster

Maximize worksite safety

Industry benefits

The AI Omnicam helps improve safety across a wide range of industries. Whether you operate within construction, oil and gas, passenger transit, trucking, or any other sector, our camera provides value beyond driver safety and exoneration. Get unparalleled visibility into your operations and reduce manual incident reviews, safety checks, and reporting.


Efficiently coach and train contractors on remote job sites and vehicles to improve safety practices and mitigate risks. Improve worker safety by ensuring compliance with safety protocols, monitoring equipment operation, and guiding workers in the proper use of safety gear and heavy machinery.

Oil & Gas

Ensure secure and compliant oil and gas transportation by detecting spills and leaks during loading and unloading. Protect personnel, mitigate environmental damage, and reduce financial loss.

Passenger Transit

Enhance passenger safety, respond to safety concerns, and instill confidence in your transit service. Deter theft and vandalism to maintain the highest standards of customer service.

Trucking & Logistics

Ensure secure and smooth cargo deliveries by discouraging theft and damage, and investigate incidents with HD video proof. Use video evidence to counter false claims at loading docks related to damage or theft during cargo handling.

Behind the lens

How the Motive AI Omnicam improves fleet and job safety.

The industry’s most accurate AI-powered camera system instantly detects scenarios like unsafe lane changes and blocked camera views. Our AI models are powered by state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms and the leading edge AI processor.

Accurate, real-time risk detection

Get full vehicle coverage with ultra wide-field cameras, a flexible mounting system, and 1080p HD video. Easily review prioritized safety events like unsafe lane changes and collisions, or recall video with 50-200 hours of configurable storage.

Holistic visibility and detail

When a safety incident occurs, a single video timeline view will help you understand what happened around and inside the vehicle.

Integrated, all-in-one experience

Boasting IP69K waterproof rating and a 5-year warranty, this durable camera withstands harsh weather and commercial washes. Video is captured even with the engine off or during power loss from accidents or loose cables.

Reliability in any environment

Easy, low-cost installation due to simplified wiring and guided app-based onboarding. Reduce setup complexity and minimize the need for third-party installers.

Built-in 4G LTE, no DVR box required

Pair with the AI Dashcam for complete 360° visibility

See 50% fewer accidents with frequent coaching and the most accurate, fastest AI dash cam.

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AI Dashcam


Inspire safety. Elevate performance.

Installation and support

Discover AI Omnicam setup: easy installation, guided app onboarding, and tips for optimal performance.

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Spec sheet
Key features and specifications

Explore AI Omnicam’s top features, tech specs, and see how it enhances fleet safety.

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Education center
Guided safety resources

Get access to free resources for safety leaders who are ready to build an AI-driven safety program.

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The 2023 State of Safety report

This survey of 1,100 businesses reveals that organizations that choose not to invest in safety are losing across the board.

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Frequently asked questions

Video events are automatically uploaded for collisions, unsafe lane changes, and footage captured by the driver. Video recall is available for all other safety events.

No, the camera uses built-in LTE cellular connectivity to upload all triggered video content.

No, you do not need any DVR. AI Omnicam has built-in LTE connectivity to directly communicate with the Motive cloud network. The only wired connection AI Omnicam needs is for power to either 12V or 24V power source.

The camera has built-in storage with configurable recording duration of 50 to 200 hours.

We suggest mounting the AI Omnicam at the cowl, door, rear, or cargo areas of your vehicle. Choose a flat surface for mounting to ensure a robust install. See our Install & Support page for more information.

When a safety incident occurs, like an unsafe lane change, managers can see all the videos captured by the AI Omnicam and dash cams on the event detail page. This single timeline view helps you quickly understand what happened around and inside the vehicle.

The AI Omnicam requires a dash cam, like our AI Dashcam or Smart Dashcam and Vehicle Gateway to function.

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