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Motive AI Dashcam successfully alerts drivers to unsafe driving behavior 86% of the time, 3-4x more than Samsara & Lytx. See VTTI results


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Enhance your fleet’s productivity.

Protect your labor budget and improve cycle times. Make decisions backed by insights provided by customizable productivity tracking software.

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See where your drivers, assets, materials, and equipment are and how they’re being used, in real time and even in remote areas.

Connect vehicles, drivers, and the office so everyone can access critical project information and collaborate faster.

Optimize the use of your vehicles and other assets to limit costly fuel consumption and wear-and-tear.

Increase driver safety and protect your business.

Identify, predict, and correct issues before they cause the delays that cost you money.

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Real-time alerts and HD video create new coaching opportunities, instill a culture of safety, and potentially lower insurance rates.

Mitigation of risk requires a safety-first mentality. Use real-time data to influence driver behaviors and reduce accidents.

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling for a 360-degree view of driver behavior. Identify high-risk drivers and reward safe drivers.

Manage maintenance, costs, and scheduling.

Inactive assets cost you money. Stay on top of preventative maintenance with real-time issue reporting that ties into your project schedule and budget.

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Use vehicle diagnostics in conjunction with fault code alerts to schedule maintenance based on engine hours and mileage to reduce downtime.

Real-time dashboards notify you of which assets need maintenance to avoid overspending.

Asset tracking ensures the right equipment reaches the right job sites, so projects progress as planned.

Monitor your construction fleet, heavy equipment, and project status.

Track equipment and prevent theft

Receive real-time alerts about unexpected movement or unauthorized use with GPS-based fleet tracking and geofence warnings.

View precise locations

Know exactly where your drivers and field workers are to better track arrivals, departures, and next destinations.

Improve cycle times

Know when your teams are on schedule and notify job sites of expected arrival times with ease.

Dispatch faster

Find the nearest driver, track locations, share documents, and message drivers to coordinate just-in-time deliveries.

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