Tilcon deploys Motive AI Dashcams to exonerate drivers in real time.

Tilcon evolves its fleet from basic tracking and telematics to a more comprehensive solution to improve safety and risk mitigation.


Tilcon, part of CRH, North America’s leading building materials company, operates a fleet of nearly 300 vehicles, providing construction materials and road construction services in New York and New Jersey. Tilcon needed to evolve its fleet from basic tracking and telematics to a more comprehensive solution that included dash cameras to improve safety and risk mitigation. 


months to complete installation


second driver exoneration


The team at Tilcon was spending too much time collecting, managing, and processing information for erroneous or fraudulent accident claims. Often, claims outcomes were left to chance without proof to exonerate the company and its drivers. 

Tilcon initially contracted with another dash cam provider, but a four-month delay in receiving equipment left the company frustrated and vulnerable. During the delays of the previous provider, Tilcon experienced two safety incidents that would have been less costly to manage had they been equipped with dash cams. 

Tilcon also wanted to install dash cams to provide driver coaching in a more systematic way to improve safety, but this idea wasn’t well-received by all drivers. “One of our drivers really didn’t want a camera,” said Don Penepent, Concrete Division Manager at Tilcon. “He was a naysayer.”

One day, that same driver was returning to the yard and a car missed the exit and turned abruptly in front of his truck, resulting in a safety incident. Luckily, no one was badly hurt.


Due to the safety incidents they were experiencing, waiting was no longer a viable solution for Tilcon. Penepent canceled the contract with the previous provider and reached out to Motive. With aggressive timelines, Tilcon engaged Motive’s professional onboarding and installation services from Velocity. 

This approach allowed the majority of the company’s trucks to be fitted with the new Motive equipment over a few weekends, which kept drivers on the road during peak business hours. 

Within three months, Tilcon had gone from contract signature to full installation. “From the time we signed to when we had Motive cameras hardware on the property was three months, and we had our entire fleet of mixers installed within three or four days,” said Penepent.


Motive AI Dashcams proved to be a game-changer for Tilcon. “We had a safety incident shortly after installing dash cams that would have taken us months to resolve without Motive,” said Penepent. “With the Motive cameras, it took us about 17 seconds to understand what happened and exonerate our driver. Motive has taken the guesswork out of it,” Penepent said, adding, “We did change that driver’s opinion,” said Penepent. “He’s happy he’s got a camera in his truck.” 

Even drivers who were initially naysayers are now seeing the benefits. “Since we’ve gotten our cameras operational with Motive, we’ve had so many drivers saying they’re glad we have cameras in our trucks,” said Penepent.

Tilcon knows that safety can’t be left to chance. With Motive AI Dashcams throughout its fleet, Tilcon is able to provide driver coaching and capture accurate information about incidents, reducing the time it takes to handle claims and get back to business.

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