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New report: We surveyed 1,000 physical operations leaders. 59% say rising costs are their biggest threat. Will AI save the day? Explore the findings.

Integrated product suite.

Manage your fleet from one platform

Scale your operations without risk

Improve your business with real-time data

The power of the Motive platform.

One platform

Manage all aspects of your fleet operations on a single platform that’s easy to deploy, customize and use. Larger fleets are likely to have unique customization needs or require integrations with other systems. Motive has you covered.

Holistic fleet management, from plug-and-play IoT hardware to mobile apps, and AI-powered applications covering the breadth of fleet operations.

Quickly customize applications, workflows, and reporting, without development resources, to meet the unique needs of your business.

Use open APIs for custom integrations or access the App Marketplace for pre-built, third-party integrations, including TMS, maintenance, safety, and more.

Built for enterprise.

Rely on Motive’s enterprise-grade technology to deliver value and scale your business while reducing any risks.

Cloud-native technologies empower seamless, on-demand scalability and the management of ultra high-volume data.

Enterprise security features including authentication (SSO, MFA), user authorization, and data encryption.

Software deployments in multiple availability zones and offline support for IoT hardware provide high availability.

Data that drives business.

Digitize your physical operations and use that data for insights, automation and to improve your business

Digitally connect your fleet and assets, and aggregate data from IoT devices in real-time.

Gain insights from scoring, benchmarking, and dashboards powered by machine learning.

Leverage Motive data in external BI tools using APIs, webhooks, and Snowflake data shares.

Connect and automate your fleet operations.

No matter the size of your business, Motive can connect and automate your operations at scale.




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