How Expressway Logistics reduced its CSA score by 40%.

Discover how telematics from Motive improved compliance and reduced insurance rates.


Based in Columbus, Ohio, Expressway Logistics is a family-owned company focused on executing safe, reliable, and dependable service to its customers by hauling and delivering a variety of freight types. But as the company looked to scale operations, it needed a better way to prevent violations, improve compliance, and lower costs. “We want to grow, but you have to be careful when you grow,” explains Ellen McDonald, Safety Director at Expressway Logistics and former driver for over 30 years. “If you grow too fast, you might not be able to handle it, and our drivers rely on us for a lot.”

After trialing Motive against another vendor, Expressway Logistics selected Motive’s Vehicle Gateway and suite of easy-to-use compliance management tools to automate ELD compliance and improve the safety and efficiency of the fleet’s operations. “The system we were using before didn’t even look like a log. It had a grid, but it had funny lines,” recalls McDonald. “We made the switch in 2017, and Motive is so simple for our back office and drivers. It really is. It’s quicker, faster, and it monitors everything for me.”


less time managing compliance


fewer HOS violations


reduction in insurance rates

Less time managing compliance

One reason Expressway Logistics selected Motive was because the compliance solution is so easy to use. “Motive just makes compliance easier,” says McDonald. “It’s one click to get to the Compliance Hub, and I’m there. It shows me which drivers I need to worry about, which drivers have more violations, and which drivers have less. It’s all there, and it saves me a lot of time. I’m not digging around and hunting down that kind of stuff anymore.” In fact, since switching to Motive, Expressway Logistics has spent 50% less time managing its compliance.

With all the time savings, McDonald can focus on supporting and coaching drivers to avoid violations in the future. “I believe a safety director’s job is to teach instead of just punish and fine,” explains McDonald. “I teach drivers how to stay compliant, so they can guard their license and their livelihood.” McDonald also takes the time to show drivers exactly what those in the office can see in Motive’s products to further educate drivers. “I have the Driver App and the Fleet App installed on my phone, so I can work with the driver and say ‘Look at [my screen]. This is what the app is supposed to look like when you log your hours right.’ And I’ll pull up the Fleet App, so they can see what I can see or better understand what I’m trying to tell them if there’s a language barrier,” notes McDonald. By giving drivers more visibility into Motive while in the office, McDonald can better communicate with them while on the road.

More visibility proactively reduces violations and risks

In Motive’s Compliance Hub, McDonald can quickly view driver’s logs and monitor CSA Insights in just a few clicks. This visibility makes it easy for McDonald to monitor the fleet’s compliance health and proactively contact drivers if they’re on their way toward a violation or engaging in high-risk behavior.

“I don’t want any accidents,” affirms McDonald. “And we haven’t had one since 2019. Motive is a good way to keep an eye out. For example, if I have an excessive speeder that I really need to crack down on. I can use the Fleet App to send drivers a message asking ‘Why are you speeding? You need to slow down.’ Or I’ll send them a message when they’re at 10 hours, so they have one more hour to get to a rest area or the next safe place to stop. I can even remind them to log their fuel.”

Motive is so easy for our back office and drivers. It’s quicker, faster. It monitors everything for me.

Ellen McDonald, Safety Director, Expressway Logistics

But for McDonald, using Motive is about more than just monitoring operations and staying compliant — it’s about supporting the people behind the wheel and ensuring the roads are safe. “I’ll look out for my drivers,” says McDonald. “If a driver’s close to home and I can see that they’re running out of hours, I’ll reach out and let them know because I want the driver home, rested, and in their own bed at night getting a good rest. Plus, we give out a Good Driver Bonus once a month to folks who aren’t late with their logs and are staying compliant — so Motive helps us reward and retain safe drivers as well.”

Better compliance scores lead to lower costs

Expressway Logistics has seen impressive business results from using Motive’s compliance management suite — including reduced CSA scores, lower insurance rates, and fewer accidents.

“For insurance, we dropped our rates from $1,200 per driver to $900 per driver. We cut our time managing compliance in half. Plus, we reduced Hours of Service violations by 67%, and our CSA score dropped from 99 to 59,” boasts McDonald. “That all makes a huge impact on where we can take our business, and I’ve even talked two other companies into going for Motive!” With better scores and substantial savings, Expressway Logistics can now focus on realizing its goals of scaling operations and expanding the fleet.

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