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New report: We surveyed 1,000 physical operations leaders. 59% say rising costs are their biggest threat. Will AI save the day? Explore the findings.


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Better route planning with fleet tracking.

Late deliveries are customers’ biggest complaints. Motive optimizes routes and shares accurate ETAs. Customers know exactly when they can expect their delivery.

Better route planning
Better route planning

Improve route efficiency to save fuel and time with near real-time fleet tracking.

Receive real-time dispatch updates and deploy navigation within the app.

Send or receive instant proof of delivery and validate work with document uploading.

Improve safety and reduce risk on every route.

Identify high-risk drivers by combining telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling to create a 360-degree view into driver behavior.

Improve safety
Improve safety

Motive’s AI Dashcam alerts drivers of unsafe behaviors as they happen. As drivers become more aware of their actions, fleet safety improves.

HD video creates new opportunities for coaching and promotes a culture of safety. Use real-time data to influence driver behaviors.

Use dash cam clips to protect against fraudulent claims. Turn to automated collision reporting to process credible claims faster.

Minimize costs with fuel and maintenance insights.

Optimize delivery routes to reduce costly fuel consumption and wear-and-tear.

Minimize costs
Minimize costs

Fuel Score provides an accurate metric to measure your top- and under-performing drivers and vehicles.

Compare your fuel usage against Motive averages. Gauge your fuel economy relative to other operations.

Schedule maintenance based on engine hours and mileage to reduce downtime.

Save time and money with budget and schedule management.

Determine at a glance where drivers and assets are and improve customer billing accuracy.

Shrink the number of apps you use to manage and dispatch your drivers down to one. Setup is easy and fast.

Tie fuel card purchases to specific vehicles using driver location data for accurate reporting.

Assign an order to a driver or vehicle then track their deliveries in real-time through your Dispatch Board.

The features delivery services need

Live tracking

Follow and share your vehicles’ location in real time.

Instant alerts

Send or receive instant proof of delivery and validate work with document uploading.

Activity history

Track service history, reduce repair costs, and schedule maintenance more efficiently to avoid breakdowns.

Fuel insights

Optimize vehicle and asset usage to reduce costly fuel consumption and wear-and-tear.

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