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Learn how Biagi Bros quickly onboarded their entire fleet and saw a 50% increase in time savings.


Biagi Bros., founded in 1978, is a leading full-service trucking, warehousing, and 3PL company headquartered in Napa, California. Biagi has 15 distribution centers throughout the U.S. and nearly 1,000 employees. 

After using a different fleet management solution for a few years, Biagi Bros. was unhappy with how the product was evolving. The company experienced issues with integrations which was slowing down operations.

Biagi Bros. needed to switch to a new provider but was under a tight timeline given they didn’t want to lose money by having drivers off of the road while onboarding to a new tool. With little margin for error in switching platforms, Biagi Bros. found Motive, who was able to meet their initial needs as well as bundle in new dash cams and extra monthly savings.


months for full onboarding


increase in time savings


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Biagi Bros. knew they needed to change their fleet management technology but had two big issues to work around. First, they needed a tight, high-performing integration with their transportation management systems (TMS) provider. Secondly, they had less than three months to find the right solution and get it deployed.

We move fast, and Motive was able to move with us.

Neil Lawrence, Fleet Manager, Biagi Bros.


After evaluating Motive’s fleet management technology, Biagi Bros. immediately recognized a significant advantage over their previous provider. With a compressed timeline, Biagi Bros. experienced a hands-on approach from Motive’s account executives and sales engineers, who guided them through product capabilities and ensured realistic onboarding expectations were set.

Biagi Bros. was able to thoroughly test and confirm that the Motive TMS integration aligned with their specific needs thanks to Motive’s dedicated professional services team, who swiftly facilitated the setup of the integration. Biagi Bros. also worked with Motive to establish tailored training sessions for various departments within the company, ensuring everyone was well-prepared for a seamless implementation.

The Biagi Bros. executive team faced some driver pushback when it came to dual-facing dash cams and privacy, so they reached out to Motive with these concerns, who sent out a team to help coach and educate. “Team training and addressing driver concerns with dual-facing dash cams were top of mind and Motive teams supported us on both fronts,” says Neil Lawrence, Fleet Manager at Biagi Bros.


Biagi Bros. was able to hit their onboarding timeline targets, which meant they kept their trucks on the road without disruption to the business. With the help of Motive’s professional services team, the new TMS integration improved performance and time savings by 50%. The switch to Motive also yielded savings which covered the cost of new dash cams, with a remaining $3,000 per month going right back to the company’s bottom line.

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