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The strongest link in cold chain transportation.

Connect your refrigerated fleet.

Real-time visibility into the status and environmental conditions of your temperature-controlled cargo.

Environmental Sensor

Wirelessly monitors temperature and humidity conditions in your refrigerated trailers.

Thermo King Integration

Remotely control and monitor telematics and temperatures of your Thermo King units.

Asset Gateway Solar

Receives and reports reefer data to the Motive Fleet Dashboard.

Simplify FDA compliance

Simplify compliance and meet Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements with this cold chain monitoring system.

Simplify reefer temperature monitoring. Access your current and historical temperature logs in the Motive Fleet Dashboard.

Access historical temperature logs in the Reports tab of the Motive Fleet Dashboard. Export reports with specific time-periods, assets, and data frequency for analysis.

Demonstrate cold chain conditions during transportation via reefer temperature tracking logs in the Fleet Dashboard.

Lower reefer operational costs

Improve your bottom line by reducing excess fuel, cargo spoilage, and reefer maintenance.

Connect up to six Environmental Sensors to one Asset Gateway Solar to create an advanced, multi-point reefer monitoring system. Combat cargo claims with data and accuracy.

Analyze live and historical telematics with the Thermo King integration and Motive Environmental Sensor. This includes fuel use, fault codes, and reefer telematics. Proactively address maintenance and performance issues.

Lower your cold chain software costs with the all-in-one Motive Fleet Dashboard. Monitor reefer temperature and telematics data side-by-side with drivers, vehicles, and equipment in one view.

Remote reefer control

Centralize the control of reefer units to reduce costly human errors in programming and use.

Queue up multiple reefer commands and monitor status updates in the Motive Fleet Dashboard.

Set reefer monitoring alerts for Thermo King units when the environmental conditions fall out of a specified range. Determine priority, frequency, and recipients of alerts depending on your needs.

Keep tabs on all active reefer alarms through the Fleet Dashboard. Clear alarms during pre-trip or set an alert to be notified of specific alarm codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The environmental data is collected continuously and transferred to the Asset Gateway Solar through a low-energy Bluetooth connection. In the case of a lost connection, the Motive Environmental Sensor can store the date up to 2 million measurements while waiting to reconnect.

Motive supports most of the Thermo King models Precedent series that uses SR-4, SR-3 or SR-2 controllers. There are two different hardware components you need installed on your refrigeration units for this integration to work. A Thermo King cable harness and a Thermo King BlueBox or iBox.

The replaceable lithium battery in the Environmental Sensor lasts up to 3-5 years depending on ping rate.

No, a cable-powered Asset Gateway Solar is currently required for the Thermo King Integration and Environmental Sensor.

Accessible temperature data starts at the installation of an Environmental Sensor or Thermo King Integration. Customers must maintain an active subscription to access temperature logs in the Motive Dashboard. Reefer monitoring data is avaialble for export to local data storage.