Sabel Steel improves driver safety and efficiency.

How one fleet transformed its safety, tracking, and compliance program after switching to Motive.


Established in 1856, Sabel Steel is a family-owned steel and scrap enterprise with locations across three states, specializing in the sale, fabrication, and transportation of steel products. The company takes great pride in delivering exceptional customer service, emphasizing safety, and valuing their employees, whom they regard as their foremost asset.

In response to growing driver dissatisfaction with their electronic logging devices (ELDs), Sabel Steel sought a solution that offered a more user-friendly, dependable experience, enhanced customer support, and cost-effectiveness.

In Motive, Sabel Steel discovered not just a solution that met their criteria, but also a genuine partner. Going beyond mere compliance, Sabel Steel harnessed Motive’s safety and tracking products to ensure the well-being of their drivers on the road.


driver exoneration rate for not-at-fault accidents


saved through driver exoneration


saved annually by preventing fraudulent claims


Prior to adopting Motive, Sabel Steel used a well-known provider as their ELD solution, which presented numerous challenges such as costly, unreliable hardware and a complex user experience. Receiving assistance from their customer service proved to be difficult and time-consuming, causing Diane Woodruff, DOT compliance and safety manager, to become frustrated as drivers frequently complained.

In contrast, Motive proved to be user-friendly even for less tech-savvy individuals, saving them precious time and allowing them to hit the road more quickly. “The drivers have enough to worry about on the road. I needed it as simple as possible,” Woodruff remarked.

When one of Sabel Steel’s trucks was forced off the road and into a ditch by a pickup truck, the resulting damage exceeded $120,000. Lacking video evidence to confirm that their driver was not at fault, they had to rely solely on the driver’s testimony and the accident report.


Sabel Steel decided to install Motive Smart Dashcams to safeguard their drivers and company from similar incidents in the future. “I sat down with each driver and explained to them why we were installing cameras. We didn’t want them to think we were doing this to watch them. It took them a little bit to understand this wasn’t a punishment, but soon they would call me to check out crazy drivers. We could now see what our drivers had to deal with out there.”

The dash cam footage proved invaluable when a Sabel Steel truck was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 10 in Mobile, Alabama. “Following the incident, I received a collision alert email, enabling me to review the dash cam video on Motive’s platform and share it with local authorities and our insurance to vindicate our driver.” Consequently, Sabel Steel saved approximately $200,000 and avoided months of litigation.

Motive’s prioritized footage and coaching tools have enhanced Woodruff’s efficiency in her role. She can review incidents using video footage, discuss events, and help drivers learn from their experiences. “Some of my younger drivers now compete for the best Safety Score,” Woodruff notes. By rewarding safe driving, trust between management and drivers has been fostered, with drivers understanding that the cameras are supportive rather than intrusive.

Transitioning to dash cams was a big change, but Motive made it simple. I 100% recommend Motive to any business.

Diane Woodruff, DOT Compliance & Safety Manager, Sabel Steel

Sabel Steel frequently receives calls claiming damages caused by their drivers. Woodruff can swiftly verify the validity of such claims using the video footage, protecting the company from fraudulent claims. “The first thing I say to them is where and what time? I’ll look it up. 99% of the time I don’t get a call back. You’re probably looking at $10,000 saved just this last year.”

Woodruff and her team also utilize Motive’s tracking solution to monitor their drivers’ real-time locations. This has improved accountability and led to disciplinary action of a few drivers with excessive idle time, which had been causing customer dissatisfaction due to delayed arrivals. Now, equipped with current traffic data, managers can provide customers with accurate ETAs, ensuring they are prepared for the drivers’ arrival. “We can pull his truck up and tell the customer that based on traffic, the driver is 15 minutes out.”

In addition to enhancing customer trust by providing precise ETAs, Woodruff can now warn drivers about imminent life-threatening weather hazards, such as tornadoes directly approaching their routes.


Since switching to Motive, Sabel Steel has been exonerated 100% of the time for not-at-fault accidents and saved close to $200,000 by successfully exonerating their drivers. “Transitioning to dash cams was a big change, but Motive made it simple. I 100% recommend Motive to any business,” says Woodruff.

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