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New report: We surveyed 1,000 physical operations leaders. 59% say rising costs are their biggest threat. Will AI save the day? Explore the findings.


Easy to use

Quick setup

Dedicated support

Provide better customer service.

Improved communication with your drivers and real-time GPS tracking provides accurate pick up and drop off windows to your customers and prevents delivery disputes.

Better Customer Service
Better Customer Service

Know when your vehicles are on schedule and notify customers of expected arrival times.

Find the nearest driver, track locations, share details, and message drivers to coordinate smooth trips.

Ensure a seamless customer experience with real-time GPS tracking.

Monitor your fleet in real time.

Motive connects vehicles, drivers, and offices to critical delivery information to help improve efficiency and ensure productivity.

Monitor your fleet

Find the shortest, fastest, most efficient routes to save fuel and time with up-to-the-second fleet tracking.

Dispatch and drivers share accurate ETAs. Customers know exactly when they can expect to be picked up.

Know exactly where your drivers and passengers are to better track arrivals, departures, and next destinations.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Maintenance and repair costs add up and happen when you least expect. Motive keeps you on top of your operations and saves you money in the long run.

Reduce-costs and improve efficiency
Reduce-costs and improve efficiency

Reduce downtime and extend vehicle lifespan by monitoring diagnostics and scheduling preventive maintenance.

Real-time views and automated workflows make it easy to identify which vehicles need maintenance, all in a single dashboard.

Optimize the use of your vehicles and other assets to reduce costly fuel consumption and wear-and-tear.

Use AI Dashcams to promote safety and protect your business

Assess driver behavior

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling for a 360-degree view of driver behavior.

Ensure exoneration

Use reliable, HD video footage as evidence to exonerate your company from wrongful blame.

Improve visibility

See where your drivers and assets are and how they’re being used, in real time, even in remote areas.

Improve productivity

Our advanced event intelligence technology automatically analyzes every video within seconds to determine context and severity, and automatically coach drivers post-trip.

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