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Know where every gallon of your fleet’s fuel goes. Track your progress against other vehicles in Motive’s network.

Motive filters out the variables you can’t control and accurately measures the things you can, so you can precisely identify opportunities for improvement.

Decrease your impact through better driver behavior and vehicle upkeep.

Create a driver incentive program. Reward and retain your most efficient drivers. Proactively coach the outliers.

Stay on top of fleet maintenance management. Determine vehicles to retire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding driver behavior is key to managing fuel efficiency. When evaluating fuel consumption across our network, we found significant discrepancies between the top- and bottom-performing drivers on the same vehicle make/model. This tells us that driver behavior is mission-critical to fuel consumption. With coaching, drivers can significantly impact fuel performance to drive impactful ROI for their fleets. The Fuel Hub gives managers a quick understanding of consumption patterns across their fleet. It offers a deep-dive into driver and vehicle performance and fuel economy. Managers can then automate training to modify fuel-wasting behaviors or create incentive programs to motivate and retain top performers.

Motive’s fleet management software leverages the power of one of the industry’s largest collections of fleet data. It involves analyzing billions of data points every day to provide critical context about driving conditions and fuel-guzzling behaviors. With this new context, managers and drivers gain unparalleled insight they can use to coach driver behavior, reduce operating costs, and improve environmental impact.

Fuel Score is an AI-driven metric that measures driver and fleet fuel performance, independent from external or uncontrollable variables in fuel efficiency. The result is an acutely accurate prediction of driver efficiency. Fuel Score accounts for things like vehicle type or road conditions, reflecting a true measurement of fuel efficiency. By providing accurate data on driving behaviors that can be modified and improved on, your fleet saves more on fuel.

Motive tracks start time, duration, location, whether PTO was engaged, and fuel consumed. This data is available for the whole fleet or can be broken out by group. An idling event is recognized when a vehicle is stationary with the engine running for over 2 minutes.

PTO reporting is available for both drivers and vehicles so you can distinguish between true idling versus idling due to PTO usage. It also captures total PTO engagement time across both drivers and vehicles.

Yes. If you have a Motive Card, transactions on the Motive Card, including fuel data, are natively integrated within the Fleet Dashboard. This can help you better manage your spending and simplify administrative activities like IFTA filing. Learn more about the Motive Card here.

Yes. If you have a fuel card from Comdata or EFS, you can import a CSV of all fuel purchases into Motive’s Fleet Dashboard. If you don’t have a fuel card, drivers can easily upload fuel receipts from the Driver App. If you use a Motive Card, any purchases, including fuel, will be captured in the Cards section of the Fleet Dashboard. Learn more about the Motive Card here.

The Motive Vehicle Gateway uses its GPS sensor and the vehicle’s odometer to track the exact distance a vehicle travels in each IFTA jurisdiction every day. Fleet managers can generate reports in the Motive Dashboard to calculate the total distance each vehicle traveled in each state/province for any date range. Learn more about IFTA filing here.