Cargo Network Solutions improves compliance and their bottom line with Motive.

After more than a decade in business, the truckload service is reaching new heights in safety, compliance, and profitability.


Cargo Network Solutions prides itself on safety and professionalism. Established on the disciplined principles of its founder, the company built its reputation on consistency and trust. Since 2008, Cargo Network Solutions has provided truckload transportation services to customers throughout the United States.

When the company’s electronic logging devices (ELDs) returned inaccurate results, drivers at Cargo Network Solutions noticed discrepancies right away. When a malfunction caused the company to be wrongly charged with an hours-of-service violation, it was clear that ELD failures had become too costly. 

After switching to Motive ELDs, Cargo Network Solutions reduced hours-of-service violations and improved their CSA score. Looking to build on that success, Cargo Network Solutions turned to Motive for help in improving driver safety and maintenance costs.


improvement in CSA score


fewer accidents in the past 36 months


annual savings in maintenance costs


Cargo Network Solutions puts the safety of its drivers first. The company’s founder and president, Stefan Varagic, began his own trucking career at age 18, driving alongside his father for three years before moving on to dispatch. 

Cargo Network Solutions prides itself on running a tight ship. So when connectivity on their ELD and GPS devices began to falter, they couldn’t let their customer service falter, too. Inaccurate feedback from the fleet’s technologies interfered with driver performance and location accuracy. While fleet managers had trouble tracking vehicles over GPS, drivers were calling about faulty ELDs.

I was getting 20 calls a day. Drivers were saying, ‘This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work.’ Clearly, we needed reliable technology that was easy to use.

Nenad Bogojevic, Safety Manager at Cargo Network Solutions


Once Cargo Network Solutions realized how easy the Motive ELD is to use, they wondered what Motive could do for the fleet safety and maintenance aspects of their business. 

“Motive has made compliance, maintenance, and fleet safety so easy to manage,” Varagic says. “With three, four, five clicks, you can see everything you need to see about each driver. It literally takes 10 seconds. Having visibility into driver performance helps us stay on top of everything. We can see which drivers need coaching and understand steps we need to take to become safer.”

The game changer for Cargo Network Solutions came during their trial of Motive Smart Dashcams. When a CNS driver had a serious accident on I-294, the truck was equipped with a dash cam, exonerating the driver.

“Right from the start, we were able to send the video to the officer for review,” Varagic says. “Standard procedure is to take the driver into custody, but since we were able to provide dash cam footage instantly, the issue was resolved within a couple of hours. The driver was exonerated by the time he got home. Case closed.”

Since rolling out Motive dash cams in each of their 100 vehicles, CNS has continued to benefit. “We had two sideswipe instances where I was able to retrieve the dash cam footage and show that our drivers stayed in the lane,” Bogojevic says. “There wasn’t even a claim for insurance. In terms of monetary savings, it’s enough that we covered the serious accident. That saved us a million dollars right there. End of story.”


Cargo Network Solutions’ high standards, combined with Motive’s automated fleet management, has led to fewer accidents and made CNS more profitable. “We’ve reduced accidents by more than 65% in the past 36 months,” Varagic says. 

Fewer accidents have caused the fleet’s CSA scores to decline by 24% since they switched to Motive, giving them a competitive advantage and access to parts of the market they couldn’t otherwise serve. Safer performance has also reduced downtime and maintenance costs. “By reducing the number of trucks we have out of service, we’re saving $150,000 to $200,000 a year in maintenance costs,” Varagic estimates. “That’s another area where we save so much money with Motive.”

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