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Reduce risk with ease.

The most comprehensive toolkit available to all fleets looking to minimize risk, improve overall safety, increase driver satisfaction, and boost productivity.

Real-time alerts and HD video create new coaching opportunities, instill a culture of safety, and potentially lower insurance rates.

Mitigation of risk requires a safety-first mentality. Use real-time data to influence driver behaviors and reduce accidents.

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling for a 360-degree view of driver behavior. Identify high-risk drivers and reward safe drivers.

Know where your fleet
is at all times.

Increase asset security, maximize utilization, and improve routing with real-time GPS tracking and geofence alerts.

Know where your fleet is

Protect all your equipment and vehicles from misuse and theft with live GPS tracking. Monitor everything, from anywhere, in a single dashboard.

Real-time GPS monitoring and geofencing keeps track of your machinery and vehicles to ensure their security.

All driver, vehicle, equipment, and trailer information in one place. You can easily identify which driver is operating which vehicle attached to a specific trailer or asset.

The top-rated ELD that simplifies compliance.

Motive’s easy-to-use ELD installs in minutes and is trusted by over 100K businesses.

Our advanced AI detection models instantly recognize unsafe driving actions like cell phone use and close following. Audio and visual dash cam alerts remind drivers to improve in real time.

With the push of a button, our fleet safety solution lets drivers record any notable event they see. Encourage drivers to share dash cam video clips directly with their safety team.

Capture critical video events after the engine turns off. Avoid paying out of pocket for hit-and-run damage and other incidents.

Increase customer satisfaction with prompt ETAs and better service.

Improved communication with your drivers and real-time GPS tracking provides accurate delivery windows to your customers and prevents delivery disputes.

Increase customer Satisfaction
Increase customer Satisfaction

Know when your vehicles are on schedule and notify customers of expected arrival times.

Find the nearest driver, track locations, share details, and message drivers to coordinate smooth trips.

Ensure a seamless customer experience with real-time GPS tracking.

Everything to manage your fleet and grow your business.


HD video footage can promote a culture of safety and help you save on insurance. Use in-cab footage, real-time data, and instant alerts to coach drivers and reduce the frequency and severity of accidents.

Automated risk profiling

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling to create a 360-degree view into driver behavior. Identify your low- and high-risk drivers to reinforce good behaviors or correct dangerous activity.

Exoneration footage

When wrongfully accused, the best defense is video proof. Easily use accurate, HD footage as evidence to exonerate your driver, your company, and avoid costly settlements.

Protect your business

Use HD video footage as in-the-moment evidence to protect drivers from false claims and defend against litigation.

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