Fleet Management Software

Unparalleled visibility into fleet vehicle location, utilization, and health.

Maximize every mile of your fleet for efficiency and safety.

Empower your operations with superior insight and automation for fulfilling customer commitments and driving profitability. Our comprehensive fleet management solution maximizes vehicle uptime through compliance, reliability, and efficiency.

Tracking & telematics

Routing, tracking, and analysis to increase on-time delivery. 

Benefit from real-time GPS updates, live traffic and weather overlays, and historical activity tracking, ensuring precise route planning and enhanced customer trust.

  • Automatic pairing of drivers, vehicles, trailers, and equipment.
  • Monitor critical deliveries and communicate timely updates.
  • Remotely disable vehicles for safety and theft prevention.
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fleet management tracking and telematics


Centralized ELD, Driver Qualification, IFTA, and CSA management.

Navigate regulations with ease using automated workflows and alerts, freeing up time for vital tasks. Utilize predictive insights to identify performance trends, pinpointing areas for improvement.

  • Avoid HoS violations with countdown clocks and alerts.
  • Comprehensively assess and coach high-risk behaviors.
  • Precisely track mileage and fuel usage across jurisdictions.
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compliance dashboard for fleet managers

Fuel & Sustainability

Reduce emissions and fuel costs with vehicle efficiency insights.

Stay on top of driving habits, idling, maintenance, and other cost-drivers, for all vehicle types. Benchmark against the Motive network averages to personalize improvement.

  • Identify and coach drivers to eliminate fuel-wasting behaviors.
  • Efficiently plan routes with EV charging station locations.
  • Find electrification opportunities through telematics insights.
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fleet fuel management and efficiency view


Prevent costly, unforeseen breakdowns with early detection.

Increase fleet uptime by efficiently managing routine and unexpected maintenance. Monitor every aspect, from reminders to reporting, to prevent costly oversights.

  • Customize inspection forms by vehicle to catch issues early.
  • Detect vehicle defects with real-time fault code alerts.
  • Identify maintenance needs that cause excess fuel use.
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vehicle inspection and maintenance records in motive app


Improve field team success with personalized coaching workflows.

Elevate your team’s on-road performance with seamless guidance and task management in the Motive Driver App, to streamline compliance and reduce administrative burden.

  • Eliminate skipped steps that can lead to violations and liability.
  • Minimize time spent locating workers and completing forms.
  • Create custom walkthroughs with our easy-to-use builder.
personalized driver coaching

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Get total visibility and control in one place.

Fleet View

Vehicle, asset, and driver-paired tracking. Weather and traffic overlays and historical analysis.

Compliance Hub

ELD compliance, driver qualification, IFTA reporting, and CSA score management all in one place.

Fuel Hub

Gas, diesel, hybrid, and EV efficiency and usage insights. Streamline IFTA reports with Motive Spend.

Driver App

Hub for ELD workflows, assignments, driver identification, and checklists.

Custom Walkthroughs

Guide drivers through actions throughout the day based on time, location, and more.

Historical Activity search

Verify reports, confirm delivery schedules, and enhance accountability and safety.

AI-powered Face Match technology

Automatically associate drivers and vehicles with use of AI Dashcam or Smart Dashcam.

Vehicle-Asset Pairing

Integrate Equipment Monitoring devices to add visibility into trailers, assets, shipments, and more.

QR code scanning

Assign drivers to vehicles with optional in-cab reminders.

Live Streaming and Trip Images

Up-to-the-moment view of fleet operations with connection to safety dashcams.

CSA Insights

Score monitoring, trend analysis, forecasting, and driver profiles to take action and address risks.

Vehicle inspection platform

Customizable and ready-made forms for vehicle type-specific checkpoints and info capture.

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AI Dashcam

INTRODUCING THE vehicle gateway

High fidelity, low latency GPS and telematics data.

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AT&T network with 3G fallback

500 MB

monthly free WiFi hotspot

Live GPS

every 2 seconds with GNSS and GLONASS

Frequently asked questions

Fleet management software can help you streamline, simplify, and enhance your fleet’s end-to-end supervision and automation. A fleet management system receives telematics data from vehicles across your fleet and displays all that information in a presentable and easy-to-use format.

A fleet management technology helps you organize and manage:

  • Drivers, vehicles, and assets
  • Fuel and other operational expenses
  • Vehicle and asset location
  • Vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • Hours of Service (HOS) violations and other compliance-related information
  • Driver behavior and fleet safety scores

Commercial fleets of all types and sizes need some form of fleet management. The size of the fleet can range from five to ten vehicles, to large companies with thousands of commercial vehicles.

The fleet management system can be simple or complex, based on the requirements of your fleet.
Regardless of the size, a crucial part of fleet management basics is having systems and processes to ensure organized, seamless, and safe operations.

Some industries that require and use fleet management solutions are:

Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS tracking to monitor assets and fleet vehicle locations and activities. 

GPS fleet tracking uses cellular and satellite technology, allowing fleet managers to locate vehicles and assets in real time. For example, tracking systems can show how long drivers stay at loading docks before moving to the next stops during the trip. If the duration is too long, you can find ways to make their pickups more efficient. In this way, they can shorten their loading time and boost their daily productivity.

With GPS fleet tracking, you get the most accurate data on vehicle movements and locations, estimating fuel consumption and emissions levels, time spent on site, and equipment usage. GPS delivers fleet managers the data needed to make strategic decisions and to increase asset and vehicle return on investment (ROI).

Fleet managers need to maximize asset utilization while managing safety, driver coaching and retention, and compliance concerns — all while working to reduce costs. No matter the size of your fleet, meeting all of these responsibilities can be a challenge. Yet, the right fleet management automation can help by:

  • Simplifying dispatch
  • Maximizing vehicle and asset utilization
  • Enhancing communication 
  • Improving fuel efficiency 
  • Automating driver coaching
  • Prioritizing safety 
  • Streamlining compliance
  • Enabling preventative maintenance

Yes, Motive enables customization in several ways. Here are a few examples: 

  • Driver Experience: With Driver Hub, fleet admins can customize experiences based on driver type or group, which provides everyone in the field with a personalized experience tailored to their specific job. To make your customizations quick and easy, Driver Hub offers a no-code environment and customizable templates using a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

  • Roles and permissions: Fleet Admins can manage, access, and improve the security of their fleet’s data with custom roles and permissions. They can either use pre-built roles or create new user roles, and specify the level of access they have to a fleet’s data.

  • Fleet Dashboard allows the Fleet Managers and Fleet Admin to create alerts for the geofences of their choice. This allows the Fleet Managers and Fleet Admin to stay alert whenever a vehicle from the fleet enters the geofence for which an alert has been created.

  • Documents: Fleet Managers can easily upload documents from the Fleet Dashboard, share documents directly with drivers, and allow drivers to upload multiple images per document from their Driver App.

  • Forms: Fleet Managers can create custom form types, edit the field names as per requirements, mark different items as required, add/remove categories, and arrange them however they want.

  • Driver Walkthroughs: Fleet Managers can help drivers when they need it most by guiding them through a set of actions each day. Walkthroughs can be triggered based on time of day or location. 

Yes, for more information and available integrations, please visit the App Marketplace.

Motive offers extensive reporting capabilities for internal operations and external requirements such as IFTA fuel tax reporting. Through the Fleet Dashboard, Fleet Managers can track productivity, fuel use and carbon emissions, vehicle and driver performance, and more. They can generate maintenance inspection history and reports and vehicle utilization details. For compliance, reports are available on HOS violations, form & manner errors, activity detail, trip detail and more.

Yes, the size of the fleet that can benefit from Motive’s solutions can range from five to ten vehicles, to large companies with thousands of commercial vehicles.


Unlock the potential of your operations with Motive.

  • Comply with industry rules and regulations.
  • Improve visibility and automate operations.
  • Identify risks and automate driver coaching.