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Manage dispatch and optimize driver workflow with a powerful tracking solution.

Delivery management

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Delivery Management

Built on Motive’s high-powered tracking solution. Dispatch your fleet with confidence and deliver excellence to your customers.

Monitor progress by assigning dispatches and track progress on the new Dispatch module and Fleet View to reduce the dispatcher’s workload.

Build out order details directly in the centrally accessible Motive dashboard. Color-coded labels help dispatchers quickly assess which work orders need attention or assignment.

Assign an order to a driver or vehicle then track their deliveries in real-time through your Dispatch Board.

Share vehicle locations and ETAs with built-in messaging tools.

Driver Workflow

Motive’s dispatch solution blends the needs of dispatch with a driver’s real-time experiences in the field, to ensure on-time delivery.

Shrink the number of apps you use to manage and dispatch your drivers down to one. Easy to install hardware and intuitive desktop and mobile applications to get you set up and running in a flash.

Drivers can manage vehicle and equipment inspections, compliance, dispatches and messaging through the Motive Driver App.

At each stop, the Motive Driver App auto-generates arrival and departure confirmations to keep the back office in the loop on progress and the driver-focused on their timing and driving.

Upload essential job documents and attach them to specific work orders and dispatches.

Real-time visibility, route optimization, and dynamic ETAs help you deliver on-time and meet customers’ expectations.

Integrated Solution

Get a complete view of your operations in one dashboard to optimize your dispatching.

Get real-time dispatch updates with GPS location data, collected every 1-3 seconds. See a predicted route for your driver’s vehicle with an estimated time of arrival based on their current trajectory.

Combine the Asset Gateway, Vehicle Gateway and AI dashcam to monitor all driver, vehicle, equipment, and trailer information in one place.

Not sure of the driver pulling a specific vehicle? Motive will show you the last connected driver to a vehicle to help you troubleshoot.

View accurate location, telematics, and dispatch data for as long as you have the Motive devices connected to your vehicles and assets. Sort, filter, and search based on Dispatch ID, vehicle, driver, destination, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, drivers must be associated with the Motive account the dispatcher is logged into in order to receive an assignment.

No, if you manage your dispatches through a Transportation Management Solution, like McLeod, TMW, Prophesy, and more, head over to our Integrations and Apps Marketplace to learn how to track dispatch milestones in the Motive platform.

Drivers receive full load information including addresses, pick-up windows, cargo details, and special instructions.

Dispatchers can easily set required forms for each stop. The Motive Driver App will help complete forms with known data, such as geofenced arrival and departure times.

Drivers are notified of dispatch updates or cancellations immediately.

Drivers use Motive Messaging. Locations and photos can be shared with a single click. No phone calls, texts, or faxes are necessary.

Driver Workflow is included in all Enterprise plans. Starter and Pro customers can upgrade their plan to access this feature.