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Whether on the go or at the office, the Motive platform gives you reliable, live location data and telematics to effectively manage your operations

Motive devices collect location and telematics data for each vehicle typically every 1-3 seconds. Track vehicles as they travel pre-planned routes with an estimated time of arrival based on their current trajectory and traffic conditions

All driver, vehicle, equipment, and trailer information in one place. You can easily identify which driver is operating which vehicle attached to a specific trailer or asset.

Monitor speed, reefer temperature, fuel, fault codes, barometric pressure, battery voltage, coolant temp, engine intake temp, engine load, and more in the Motive Dashboard.

Monitor and download refrigerated trailer temperature data for FSMA compliance.

Enter a warehouse address to view the average truck dwell times, by time of arrival. Optimize your pickup and drop-off times to keep your trucks moving.


Automate workflows to scale productivity. Create alerts and reports to reduce the time between analysis and action.

Get real-time alerts when trailers or equipment enter or exit a designated location. Create geofences directly on the map.

Instantly see which driver is pulling a particular trailer and validate manual driver logs for accuracy.

Use pre-existing reports or group data to customize unique reports for your terminals, branches, and asset types.

Motive integrates with your TMS providing you with a complete overview of all your dispatch, vehicle, driver, and asset information in one dashboard.

Monitor multiple zones and remotely control your Thermo King refrigeration units through our Asset Gateway.

Devices and Sensors

Reliable, durable devices to provide you consistent visibility into your operations in any environment.

Pull all your operational data into a single fleet management platform. Oversee every aspect of all your physical operations in one place.

Set up offline and battery alerts, manage driver logs, alter GPS ping rates, pair vehicles with drivers and more from the Motive Dashboard.

Durable designs that work in extreme weather conditions and store data locally for backup. Backed by a 5-year warranty on all devices.

Data stored locally on devices until uploaded to the cloud where you can access historical trip locations through the Motive Dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

The GPS update latency can vary based on the rate of change in vehicle speed and direction. Updates are typically received as fast as 2 seconds when the rate of change of speed or direction is high. The slowest update frequency will be 30 seconds, assuming the vehicle is in a location with slower network connectivity. For trailer or equipment tracking, GPS coordinates are collected every 1 min when the trailer is in motion.

Vehicle locations are recorded by the Motive Vehicle Gateway, which is equipped with a GPS chip inside the device. When the vehicle is in motion, GPS coordinates can be collected as fast as every 2 seconds.

Drivers who connect to a Vehicle Gateway will have their locations match that of the vehicle. Drivers who use the Motive Driver App without a Vehicle Gateway will have locations updated from their mobile phones.

Asset locations are recorded by the Motive Asset Gateway, which is equipped with a GPS chip inside the device. When the trailer or equipment is in motion, GPS coordinates can be collected as fast as every 60 seconds.

No. The Asset Gateway is a fully independent product that can be used with or without the Motive Vehicle Gateway. While all of our products are designed to work alongside each other through the Motive platform, the Asset Gateway and dashboard can be used by customers whether or not they require Vehicle Gateways or operate tractors.

Yes. The cellular-enabled Motive Vehicle Gateway constantly collects and sends GPS and vehicle data to the Motive Fleet Dashboard even if your driver is not connected to the Driver App.

All location history data for drivers and vehicles is stored on Motive servers and is backed up across Motive’s data centers. Fleet managers can access location history data for the duration that the driver was using the Motive App and for the duration that the Motive Vehicle Gateway was installed in the vehicle.