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Heritage-Crystal Clean reduced compliance violations by 25%.

How a 1,000-vehicle fleet simplified compliance for its drivers and managers.

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Commercial fleets save up to 13% on fuel costs, study shows.

Gain insights into your fleet fuel use and identify ways to improve efficiency.

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The better way to manage field service fleets.

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Minimize job costs.

Get the data you need to instantly monitor vehicles, manage schedules, and track billable hours.

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Minimize job costs
Minimize job costs

Always know where crews are to confirm customer billing accuracy.

Know where drivers and assets are, how they’re being used, in real time, even in remote areas.

Improve payroll and billing accuracy by tracking employee locations, time on jobsites, and idle engine hours.

Manage your fleet with GPS tracking and dispatching.

The Motive platform gives you reliable, live location data to effectively manage your operations.

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Manage your fleet
Manage your fleet

Real-time asset tracking provides equipment locations across jobsites and enables maintenance.

Find the nearest driver by proximity, share documents, and message drivers to coordinate dispatches.

Track vehicles as they travel pre-planned routes with an estimated time of arrival based on current traffic conditions.

Increase driver safety to protect your business.

Motive’s AI-powered safety platform. A smarter way to manage fleet safety.

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Increase Driver Safety
Increase Driver Safety

HD video creates coaching opportunities Use real-time data to influence driver behaviors.

Apply automated, personalized coaching to modify driver behavior or take action to remove repeat offenders.

Combine telematics, AI, video, and automated risk profiling for a full view of driver behavior.

Keep customers informed to increase fleet productivity.

Motive connects vehicles, drivers, and offices to critical delivery information to help improve efficiency and ensure productivity.

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Keep customers informed
Keep customers informed

Find the shortest, fastest, most efficient routes to save fuel and time with up-to-the-second fleet tracking.

Dispatch and drivers share accurate ETAs. Customers know exactly when they can expect their delivery.

Send or receive instant proof of delivery and validate work with document uploading.

Protect your valuable assets with GPS tracking.

The Motive platform gives you reliable, live location data to effectively manage your operations.

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Protect your valuable assets

Receive unauthorized out-of-area alerts instantly with geofencing to protect high-value equipment.

GPS tracking helps you monitor everything, no matter the location, from a single dashboard to protect equipment, assets, and vehicles from theft.

Get real-time alerts when trailers or equipment enter or exit a designated location. Create geofences directly on the map.

Optimize your fleet with maintenance reminders

Track Diagnostics
Track diagnostics

Monitor vehicle diagnostics in conjunction with fault code alerts and schedule preventive maintenance based on engine hours and mileage to reduce downtime.

Increase visibility
Increase visibility

Track service history, reduce repair costs, and schedule maintenance more efficiently to avoid breakdowns.

Custom inspection reports
Custom inspection reports

Develop custom inspection reports for any vehicle or asset type, so you can monitor exactly what you need.

Reduce operating costs
Reduce operating costs

Instant real-time views and automated workflows make it easy to see which assets need maintenance, all in a single dashboard.

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