Driver Safety

Protect drivers and reduce risk with the industry’s most accurate AI.

Run a market-leading safety program.

Mitigate risk with the industry’s most precise, adaptable fleet safety solution. Prevent accidents, expedite collision recovery, and excel at managing your safety program.


Detects unsafe driving 3-4x more accurately than other systems.

Instantly detect risky behaviors, such as cell phone use and close following. Deliver immediate feedback through audio and visual alerts. Only send true safety events for manager review.

  • Correct behaviors with accurate, in-cab coaching.
  • Instill driver trust with fewer false alerts.
  • Detect 15+ behaviors with the most advanced hardware.
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Ensure drivers are never punished for false positives.

Our Safety Team of 400+ members reviews your safety videos to eliminate false positives. Their expertise in identifying unique, real-world scenarios significantly improves the accuracy of our AI models.

  • Avoid penalizing drivers for mistakes they didn’t make.
  • Focus on true safety concerns deserving your attention.
  • Detect more risks through ongoing AI enhancements.


Coach drivers virtually with custom workflows and Safety Scores.

Our turnkey coaching tool automatically identifies drivers and behaviors that require attention. The Safety Score accurately measures driver risk over time and rewards safe driving.

  • Get time back by focusing on real safety concerns.
  • Enable self-improvement through the Driver App.
  • Tailor the experience to avoid video overload and risk.


Swiftly detect 99% of the highest severity collisions.

Accident videos upload within seconds, minimizing risk of losing footage. Video is captured even in a catastrophic accident, with managers alerted with relevant video and telematics data.

  • Quickly access collision video for roadside exoneration.
  • Process claims faster with automated collision reports.
  • Auto-alert first responders if the driver is incapacitated. Coming Fall 2024.


Eliminate blind spots with 360° visibility around every vehicle.

Pair the AI Dashcam and AI Omnicam for a full view of your vehicle, its interior, and its surroundings. Always get the full picture with live streaming, video recall, and engine-off recording.

  • Detect risks with AI-enabled side, rear, and cargo monitoring.
  • Exonerate drivers with the highest-quality, ultrawide HD video.
  • Prevent accidents with real-time backup assist. Coming Fall 2024.

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Get total visibility and control in one place.

Driver Privacy Mode

Ability to turn off the driver-facing camera when a driver is off duty or vehicle is stationary.

Face Match

Automatically identify drivers and assign vehicle activity with facial recognition AI.*

Live streaming

Access live video feeds from the AI Dashcam directly on the Motive Dashboard.

Time-lapse video recall

Retrieve footage from last 45-235 hours, plus up to 60 mins time-lapse video in one request.

Engine-off recording

Capture up to 24 hours for heavy vehicles, 45 mins for light/medium duty vehicles after a vehicle is off.

Live images

Automatically capture images every hour during a trip, and when the engine starts and stops.

Custom data retention

Customize your safety data retention policies, with options available from two weeks to indefinitely.

Driver safety profile

Get a snapshot of your drivers’ safety performance with Safety Score and behavior trends.

Insurance partner savings

Get up to 20% off premiums and dash cam hardware when insured by a Motive insurance partner.

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AI Dashcam

AI Omnicam


The industry leader in AI performance and video quality.

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AI processor for computer vision


at 30 frames per second

60 mins

time-lapse video in one request

9 days

of HD video storage


Get 360° visibility around every vehicle.

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with widest 144° field of view


built in for easy, low-cost install


rating with battery backup

8 days

of HD video storage

Frequently asked questions

A well-designed fleet safety program brings numerous benefits, including reduced accidents, lower associated costs, improved driver morale, enhanced public safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, it can lead to lower insurance premiums, increased operational efficiency, and a positive impact on a company’s reputation.

To improve fleet safety, organizations can implement comprehensive driver coaching programs, regularly maintain and inspect vehicles, utilize advanced safety technologies such as AI Dashcams and AI Omnicams, and establish clear safety policies and procedures. Encouraging a safety-conscious culture within the organization and fostering open communication about safety concerns are also crucial.

Creating a fleet safety program involves several key steps. First, assess the unique risks and challenges associated with your specific fleet operations. Develop clear and comprehensive safety policies and procedures, including guidelines for driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, and emergency response. Learn more in our step-by-step guide.

Key elements of an effective safety program include leadership & employee commitment, comprehensive training, ongoing communication, and a robust monitoring and evaluation system. Incentivising & rewarding good safety behavior and performance, regular assessments and open communication channels contribute to continuous improvement, creating a safer and more efficient fleet environment.

Success in a fleet safety program is gauged by reduced accidents, lower costs, and improved driver behavior. Adherence to policies, successful completion of safety training, and the utilization of advanced safety technologies such as AI dashcams contribute to the achievement of safety program goals. Use the Motive Safety Score and Coaching Sessions for regular driver reviews to ensure ongoing improvement.

Recordings are triggered by unsafe driving behaviors such as close following, cell phone use, and hard braking. Other triggers include hard cornering, hard accelerations, and seatbelt violations. This list will grow as we continue to train AI detection models for our fleet safety software.

No. The AI Dashcam uses cellular connectivity in the Vehicle Gateway to upload all triggered video content.

No, you do not need any DVR. AI Omnicam has built-in LTE connectivity to directly communicate with the Motive cloud network. The only wired connection AI Omnicam needs is for power to either 12V or 24V power source.

We offer road-facing and dual-facing dash cams, depending on your fleet safety needs. The road-facing dash cam only has one camera that records what’s on the road. The dual-facing dash cam has both a road-facing and driver-facing camera that records in the cab. Administrators can activate driver privacy mode to disable the driver-facing camera for select drivers. Customers can purchase either camera, depending on which type of fleet safety system they prefer.

Managers can view live dash cam video footage to train drivers remotely and reward them for safe driving. This optional feature was built with driver privacy in mind. To use, it must be turned on by a fleet administrator. In-cab audio and visual alerts notify drivers when the live stream starts and ends. These alerts can’t be turned off. Only users with live streaming permissions can initiate this feature.


Unlock the potential of your operations with Motive.

  • Comply with industry rules and regulations.
  • Improve visibility and automate operations.
  • Identify risks and automate driver coaching.