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The AI Dashcam

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The AI Dashcam

Motive AI Dashcam is the most advanced dashcam in the industry. Our camera detects unsafe driving behavior with unrivaled accuracy, and alerts drivers in real-time.

Motive uploads HD video of all unsafe driving events to the cloud within seconds, and provides tools like Video Recall and Live Stream so that businesses have complete visibility into their operations.

Our AI models detect unsafe driving behavior such as cell phone use and close following with industry leading accuracy. Motive detects more unsafe events while generating fewer false positives than any other dashcam provider. That means fewer accidents and happier drivers.

With the push of a button, drivers can record any notable event they see. HD video clips are uploaded to the cloud instantly.

Access dashcam footage from the last 68 to 104 hours to see exactly what happened. Get up to 60 minutes of HD footage with every request. Admins can choose to record video even when the engine is off to protect drivers around the clock.

Use live streaming to onboard new drivers, perform virtual ride-alongs, and provide remote training. Admins can control access to the live streaming feature. In-cab alerts notify drivers when live streaming starts and ends.

Motive helps protect privacy by providing the option to disable the driver-facing camera while drivers are off duty. Admins can activate Driver Privacy Mode for the entire company, a group, or an individual driver.

Automated coaching

Motive automates the most time intensive work for your safety department. Our in-house Motive Safety Team automatically reviews every dashcam video to add context and determine severity, filtering out the noise so your safety department can focus on what really matters.

Our powerful coaching tools make it easy to coach drivers at the office or while they are on the road.

Every dashcam video is reviewed by the Motive Safety Team, trained by leading safety experts to analyze driving behavior for more than 60 different attributes.

Every dashcam video is assigned a severity level based on a variety of factors including, the place, time of day, road conditions, traffic level, and other insights. Motive surfaces only the most important videos for safety departments to review, saving your team countless hours. Learn More

Drivers can view dashcam videos at the end of a trip in the Motive Driver App. With coaching delivered immediately after a safety event, drivers are more likely to remember the context and correct the behavior. Admins can choose to disable dashcam video access in the Driver App if they prefer to coach in the office.

Scoring and reporting

Motive provides powerful tools to benchmark the performance of your drivers and company overall. The DRIVE risk score tracks the impact of coaching over time, taking into account the context and severity of every safety event. Motive Safety Hub and Coaching Reports provide a holistic view into the safety of your operations and the impact of your safety program.

The Motive DRIVE Score is five times more accurate at predicting accidents than the industry’s leading safety score. DRIVE benchmarks all behavior across Motive’s network of 550,000+ vehicles to provide an objective measure of driver risk. Learn More

Manage your safety program in one place for full visibility into driver safety with the Safety Hub. Identify your riskiest drivers and take the actions necessary to prevent accidents.

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The 2023 State of Safety report.

This survey of 1,100 businesses reveals that organizations that choose not to invest in safety are losing across the board.

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Fleets using Motive dash cam video to coach drivers have seen 22% fewer accidents and up to 10x ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recordings are triggered by unsafe driving behaviors such as close following, cell phone use, and hard braking. Other triggers include hard cornering, hard accelerations, and seat belt violations. This list will grow as we continue to train AI detection models for our fleet safety software.

No. The AI Dashcam uses cellular connectivity in the Vehicle Gateway to upload all triggered video content.

We offer road-facing and dual-facing dash cams, depending on your fleet safety needs. The road-facing dash cam only has one camera that records what’s on the road. The dual-facing dash cam has both a road-facing and driver-facing camera that records in the cab. Administrators can activate Driver Privacy Mode to disable the driver-facing camera for select drivers. Customers can purchase either camera, depending on which type of fleet safety system they prefer.

The AI Dashcam has configurable storage ranging from 30 to 235 hours

Managers can view live dash cam video to train drivers remotely and recognize them for safe driving. This optional feature was built with driver privacy in mind. To use, it must be turned on by a fleet administrator. In-cab audio and visual alerts notify drivers when the live stream starts and ends. These alerts can’t be turned off. Only users with live streaming permissions can initiate this feature.