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New report: We surveyed 1,000 physical operations leaders. 59% say rising costs are their biggest threat. Will AI save the day? Explore the findings.

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Use in-cab footage and real-time alerts to coach drivers and reduce the frequency and severity of accidents.

Apply automated, personalized coaching to modify driver behavior before a collision or take action to remove repeat offenders.

Secure your investments with real-time asset tracking and optimize asset utilization with tracking across job sites.

Respond faster to outages.

Create alerts and reports to reduce the time between analysis and action.

Find drivers by proximity, track locations in real time, share documents, and message drivers to coordinate dispatches.

Receive alerts when your vehicles, equipment, and other assets are being used without authorization.

With GPS-enabled ETAs, know when your vehicles are on schedule and notify receiving clients when they can expect arrival.

Run an optimized operation.

Automate processes, reduce waste, cut costs, and grow your business.

Run an optimized operation

Shrink the number of apps you use to manage and dispatch your drivers down to one. Setup is easy and fast.

Connect fleet managers, drivers, and the office to share critical project information, enable collaboration, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Get oversight into every aspect of your oil and gas operation from tracking equipment to monitoring asset utilization to driver safety to maintenance.

Limit fuel costs through smarter fleet management.

While oil and gas companies supply fuel to commercial fleets, it doesn’t exempt them from incurring the same expenses.

Limit Fuel Costs
Limit Fuel Costs

Telematics data can help optimize vehicle use to reduce excess fuel consumption and costly wear-and-tear.

Fuel Score provides an accurate metric to measure your top- and under-performing drivers and vehicles.

Compare your fuel usage against Motive average. Gauge your fuel economy relative to other operations.

Reduce risk and protect your business.

Prevent accidents and detect unsafe driving with unrivaled accuracy. Motive’s AI Dashcam provides instant alerts and offers safety managers easy access to captured footage.

Reduce risk

AI instantly detects high-risk behavior with industry-leading accuracy and sends in-cab alerts to modify behavior in real-time.

Use HD video footage as in-the-moment evidence to protect drivers from false claims and defend against litigation.

Our in-house safety team and advanced event intelligence analyze every video within seconds, then coach your drivers post-trip.

Reduce your operating costs.

Vehicle and asset diagnostics

Monitor vehicle diagnostics and fault code alerts. Schedule preventive maintenance based on engine hours and mileage to reduce downtime.

Full vehicle and asset history

Track service records, reduce repair costs, and schedule maintenance to extend the lifespan of your assets and avoid breakdowns.

Custom inspection reports

Create custom reports for any vehicle or asset type, so you can monitor exactly what you need.

Instant insights

Real-time views and automated workflows make it easy to see which vehicles or assets need maintenance.

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