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Flying Star Transport saves nearly $50K each year with Motive.


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As a busy fuel transport company based in Amarillo, Texas, Flying Star Transport knows the importance of efficient and safe logistics. The company aims to build peace of mind by gaining customers’ trust through efficient delivery. Keeping the company’s operations and drivers on target requires careful coordination. So Flying Star began looking for the right ELD to help ensure the company’s success.

Motive’s inexpensive ELD


Flying Star wanted an ELD solution that integrated with its accounting software. The company’s previous ELD wasn’t flexible enough to connect properly with its accounting software. Flying Star also wanted to lower costs, as the company was paying between $1,000 and $2,000 a unit for over 55 trucks. This motivated Flying Star to find a new ELD provider and a more cost-efficient option.


Flying Star selected Motive, formerly KeepTruckin, and found a partner that meets the needs of its drivers, provides the right mix of compliance and driver coaching tools, and improves efficiency (measured by hours per load) for the organization’s operations. During an initial trial, Flying Star found the transition to the Motive ELD solution to be simple and affordable. “We did a trial. The Motive ELD component was a nice easy transition. It has benefited us greatly,” says Jayson Boydstun, CFO at Flying Star Transport.



Simplified hardware


Motive saved Flying Star thousands of dollars while enabling Flying Star to use hardware that’s compatible with the company’s other software systems. Flying Star’s old hardware cost between $1,000 and $2,000 per unit. Flying Star saved at least $800 per truck by switching to Motive.



Increased efficiency


Motive allowed Flying Star to see efficiency improvements of 10 to 15 percent.


“Motive’s geofencing and detention time reports helped us realize a 10 to 15 percent improvement on our efficiencies, measured by hours per load. We’ve gone from roughly 5 hours, last year, per load on a 130-mile haul and now we’re running about 4 hours per load on a 120-mile haul,” said Boydstun.


Plus, Flying Star can provide better coaching and more effectively ensure that drivers are in compliance.


A better partnership


For Boydstun, the efficiency piece is particularly significant. These improvements are, in a large part, the results of how seriously Motive takes customer partnerships, Jayson says. He believes that Motive really focuses on improving value for transport companies.


“Motive operates differently than other providers in the technology world. We just feel like Motive takes the partnership seriously and we appreciate that,” says Boydstun.


Deeper insights


Over time, Flying Star has gathered important data from the Motive ELD solution. The data helps the transport company continue to change and improve operations. Flying Star can now learn more than ever about driver behavior on the road and has more information for coaching drivers and providing driver education.


Flying Star’s director of operations, Mike Reams explained, “The ability to track and coach drivers based upon their habits or what they’re doing is a game-changer. Now we know what to focus on to coach drivers into safer behaviors.” With Motive, Flying Star Transport can now easily focus on driver coaching.


Flying Star can also look at strategic metrics, such as average wait times, and initiate conversations with customers and drivers and work through challenging issues. From there, they can develop best practices to combat inefficiencies that are discovered. The ability to gather and examine this data makes it easy to look for trends and resolve emerging problems proactively.


Through it all, Boydstun says Motive has been ready to provide additional support and fast-track Flying Star’s questions and concerns for further development. Whenever the Flying Star team asks for a new feature or is looking strategically at how to approach a problem, Boydstun knows that Motive is always available.


“You take those questions and you say let’s figure out a way that we can make that happen,” says Boydstun. “And Motive is a very good partner from that standpoint. I love that aspect of working with the Motive team.”

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