Vision 24, our inaugural Motive Innovation Summit, brought together business leaders, industry experts, Motive customers, and innovators. This incredible community came together to hone their skills, gain insights from each other on how they are addressing their biggest challenges, and learn about new Motive solutions that will make operations safer, more productive, and more profitable. 

If you couldn’t join us in Nashville and want more information about our exciting product announcements, we’ve added a recording of the opening keynote below. We’ve also captured some of the highlights from Vision 24 a little later in this post. The new products we announced extend Motive’s industry-leading AI to new safety and workplace applications, and give operations leaders visibility and control over more aspects of their business.

This is a bit of a TL;DR, but we’ve been busy – here are the key product announcements from Vision 24:

  • New AI Omnivision, the first and only customizable computer vision platform, gives customers across a wide range of industries more visibility than ever before. With AI Omnivision, our goal is to make sure you know everything happening in the field even when you are sitting back at the office.
  • One-of-a-kind AI models that make the industry’s most accurate AI even better, detecting more unsafe behaviors. We announced new AI models targeting drowsiness, lane swerving, and unsafe parking to protect drivers and other motorists. We also announced new forward collision warnings, sideswipe and blind spot monitoring, and positive behavior detection.
  • First and only Driver Safety Solution with First Responder functionality to dispatch 911 in the event of a severe collision. With enhanced accident response capabilities, Motive can immediately alert emergency services and managers when a severe accident happens and quickly get help to drivers when they need it most.
  • Shared data enables customers with Motive Fleet Management and Motive Card to reduce costs and detect hidden fraud. Motive Card’s new Missed Savings feature will help ensure drivers get the best fuel price every time they fill up. We also announced new fraud detection capabilities, including vehicle and spend location mismatch, auto-decline, and mobile unlock.
  • New Motive Beacon locates small assets and equipment in warehouses, on job sites, and in transit. We announced the Motive Beacon, a small but highly durable Bluetooth-based tracking device that will allow customers to track just about anything – from small tools and equipment on a worksite to pallets in a warehouse.
  • New Integrated Coaching and Custom Walkthroughs give managers more ways to positively impact performance. Coaching has made an incredible impact on safety, new Integrated Coaching brings the same experience to fuel efficiency, compliance, and savings.

Read on for more information on the exciting product innovations we announced at Vision 24!

Expanding visibility around your operations with AI Omnivision

In 2023, Motive launched AI Omnicam, the first AI-powered camera for side, rear, and cargo monitoring. When paired with the AI Dashcam, this technology provides 360-degree visibility around your vehicle. This year, we’re building on the power of the AI Omnicam with a new product, AI Omnivision, the first and only customizable, general-purpose computer vision platform for physical operations.

AI Omnivision is built to meet your specific operational needs. It enables the rapid development of precise, custom AI models to drive operational efficiency, enhance worksite and bystander safety, improve cargo security, and more.

AI Omnivision will revolutionize how industries tackle some of their most pressing issues:

  • Waste services: Sanitation workers grapple with dangerous objects, hazardous materials, and delays in collection. AI Omnivision can detect overflowing bins and hazardous materials to reduce risk while increasing revenue and efficiency.
  • Construction: Failing to follow proper safety procedures can contribute to worksite injuries and deaths. AI Omnivision detects and alerts to job site hazards, like failure to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring that workers are protected.
  • Trucking and logistics: AI Omnivision can immediately detect and alert managers to unauthorized access to cargo. It can also ensure cargo is secure, monitor trailer space utilization, and provide proof of delivery.
  • Passenger transportation: Motive’s AI Omnivision has the power to improve passenger safety and optimize routes. Use it to detect unsafe driving near a school bus or detect aggressive behavior, theft, and smoking.
  • Oil and gas: Safety is paramount at remote oil and gas worksites. AI Omnivision can verify the correct use of safety gear and ensure compliance with safety rules.
  • All industries: Large commercial vehicles have big blind spots, and they often have to navigate narrow streets, residential areas, and construction zones. AI Omnivision can alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians, cyclists, and others in their blind spots to prevent accidents.

Enhancing driver safety with new industry-leading AI models

Roadways are more dangerous than ever. Fleet operators are taking notice — and taking action with Motive. For more than seven years, Motive has pioneered the use of AI to detect unsafe driving behaviors with incredible accuracy. Last year, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) put the Motive AI Dashcam through nearly 400 tests on a closed track and found that Motive alerted drivers of unsafe driving 3-4x more accurately than competitors. More accurate AI means more accidents prevented and more lives saved.

We’re pushing the boundaries of Motive’s AI even further in 2024, starting with tackling driver fatigue from multiple perspectives. 

  • Drowsiness: Each year, driver fatigue contributes to about 100,000 vehicle-related accidents. Motive’s AI helps prevent accidents by alerting drivers in real time if they yawn repeatedly, close their eyes, or show other signs of drowsiness, advising them to pull over if they can’t stay awake.
  • Lane Swerving: For customers with only a road-facing AI Dashcam, swerving is a strong indicator of driver fatigue and inattentiveness. Motive’s AI helps to prevent accidents by alerting drivers when the vehicle swerves repeatedly.
  • Forward Collision Warning: Rear-end crashes account for 29% of all crashes, but forward-collision warning systems reduce these crash rates by 27%. Motive’s AI alerts drivers in real time when their vehicle is about to strike the vehicle ahead, based on vehicle speed and distance to impact. When drivers nod off, this alert wakes them in that last critical moment before a serious accident happens.
  • Unsafe Parking: Pulling over to the shoulder to rest increases the risk of high-speed collisions. Motive’s AI helps prevent accidents by alerting drivers when the vehicle is parked on the shoulder for a prolonged period of time.

Additional AI models will give you visibility into:

  • Red Light Violations
  • Smoking
  • Positive Behaviors – Safe Distance
Motive co-founder & CEO Shoaib Makani highlights the accident-reduction results Motive customers have experienced.

First Responder automatically contacts 911 in the event of a severe collision

Although Motive aims to prevent as many accidents as possible, accidents do happen. Getting emergency help is often a matter of life or death, especially in remote areas or late at night. More than half (54%) of fatal crashes involving large trucks are in rural areas, and 37% of fatal crashes take place at night, when it could take up to 19 minutes for help to arrive. 

Studies show that fatalities can be reduced by 13% for every minute’s reduction in emergency response time. That’s why Motive has become the first and only Driver Safety solution to offer automatic alerts to emergency services that include critical information such as driver and vehicle location, make and model, color, license plate, orientation, passengers, and other important information. Motive also alerts safety managers, who can choose to initiate the 911 call themselves. Once a call has been placed, managers can track the status of emergency services in the Motive Dashboard and Fleet App, providing real-time updates.

Shared data gives customers with Motive Fleet Management and Motive Card unique tools to reduce costs and detect hidden fraud

With fuel representing up to 40% of fleet costs, Motive understands the importance of saving as much fuel as possible. At Vision 24, we announced new ways to detect suspicious transactions and ensure your drivers are getting the best price on fuel every time they fill up.

  • Missed Savings: Using our integrated platform’s 360° view of data, Motive Card will now give fleet managers visibility into wasteful spending habits by identifying drivers who are fueling at higher-priced merchants and recommending less costly alternatives nearby. Managers can use these insights to coach drivers, update spend profiles, or block specific merchants to avoid missing savings in the future.
  • Fuel Level and Spend Mismatch: Motive’s automatic detection of irregularities between fuel purchased and the volume filled can detect and reduce behaviors like fuel siphoning.
  • Auto-decline: This new feature will help stop fraudulent transactions before they’re completed. Managers can enable the feature to auto-decline Motive Card transactions when the vehicle location and spend location don’t match.

New Motive Beacon tracks small assets and equipment – no matter the location

Physical operations leaders constantly struggle with tracking smaller pieces of equipment on outdoor job sites and inside warehouses, where traditional GPS tracking does not work reliably. This challenge results in billions of dollars worth of financial losses for retailers and construction firms from lost or stolen pallets and equipment, and employees often spend weeks searching for specific items.

The Motive Beacon is a small but highly durable Bluetooth-based tracking device that will allow customers to track just about anything. The Motive Beacon connects to the Motive Beacon Gateway to enable meter-level indoor positioning and connects to the Motive Mesh Network to allow customers to track their equipment on the move.

  • Site Visibility: The Motive Beacon Gateway is designed specifically for asset positioning within a facility such as a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or construction site, where traditional GPS tracking is unreliable. By connecting Motive Beacons to the Motive Beacon Gateway, Motive creates a wireless technological net that enables workers to leverage the Motive Fleet App to lead them precisely to the asset they need.
  • Remote Visibility: Once an asset is in transit beyond the confines of a facility, the Motive Mesh Network leverages Motive’s 2 million+ active Motive Vehicle Gateways, Asset Gateways, and Motive App users to locate these assets. This ensures that all assets are accounted for and significantly reduces the cost associated with lost inventory, which can amount to billions of dollars in delays and losses.

New Integrated Coaching to uplevel all aspects of driver performance 

You want to be able to coach across every aspect of the driver’s job. Their fuel efficiency, their compliance violations, and even their missed savings with Motive Card. With our new Integrated Coaching experience, managers get a centralized coaching workflow, tailored to the coaching thresholds you define across each behavior area. 

And with new Custom Walkthroughs, businesses can customize driver walkthrough lists, prompting actions at the beginning and end of assignments and critical trigger points to make sure tasks are completed consistently. 

We invite you to share in the vision

Thank you for trusting Motive to be part of your journey. We extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated vehicle and equipment operators within the physical economy. Your challenges inspire our solutions, and together, we’re setting new standards for safety, productivity, and profitability. 

The advancements announced at Vision 24 are just the beginning of our unwavering commitment to transforming the logistics and transportation industry. Please reach out to your account manager to find out more information, engage in trials and beta programs, and let us know how Motive solutions can transform the way you manage your operations. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to explore, innovate, and lead the charge toward a safer, more productive, and more profitable future.

Vision 24 Opening Keynote Presentation Deck