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How It Works

Reduce downtime with preventive fleet maintenance.

Inspection records

Vehicle and asset diagnostics

Preventive fleet maintenance

Inspection records

Create thorough inspection records for vehicles and assets. Maintain and access records electronically.

Simplify inspections with electronic forms, accessible anywhere. Drivers can create inspections pre-trip, post-trip, or on demand.

Customize all vehicle and asset types including by parts inspected, requirements, instructions, and declaration.

Vehicle and asset diagnostics

Boost productivity, and address issues early with automatic diagnostic and maintenance checks.

Anticipate when maintenance is required. Catch defects before they become larger and more expensive issues.

Capture vehicle and asset diagnostic information that feeds into your Fleet Dashboard. Automatic severity identification helps you prioritize issues.

See health status and any defects or fault codes with this fleet maintenance management solution.

Preventive fleet maintenance

Extend the life of your vehicles and assets, reduce repair costs, and keep your fleet running.

Get notified when fleet maintenance is upcoming or overdue. Customize reminders based on time, distance, or usage hours.

Track and view upcoming, overdue, and completed service.

See a comprehensive record of services completed, including cost, service notes, and service type.

Take a proactive fleet maintenance strategy

Master your fleet maintenance schedule

Extend the life of your fleet

Manage inspections with ease

Improve customer service drivers

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Reduce repair costs and keep your fleet moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

By using a fleet maintenance software to set up a preventative maintenance schedule and alerts, you can ensure that vehicles and assets are serviced on time and keep moving.

Using maintenance reminders from Motive’s fleet maintenance system, you can easily set up a schedule for any type of ongoing maintenance. Receive alerts based on time, distance, or engine hours.

Set up alerts in Motive’s fleet maintenance system to receive notifications for fault codes in real time. You’ll have full control, with the ability to associate alerts to specific vehicles or segments of vehicles. You can also control who receives notifications.

Yes. Our customizable vehicle and asset inspection feature allows you to adjust parts inspected and change the requirements, instructions, and even the declaration. We created a fleet maintenance solution with the flexibility to adapt to the needs and workflows of your business — not the other way around.