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Motive AI Dashcam successfully alerts drivers to unsafe driving behavior 86% of the time, 3-4x more than Samsara & Lytx. See VTTI results

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The AI Dashcam is powered by the leading AI processor and advanced computer vision algorithms.

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How Motive’s AI Dashcam improves fleet safety.

Our AI detection models recognize unsafe driving actions instantly. Audio and visual dash cam alerts enhance driver awareness in real time.

Critical video is captured even when the engine is off or when power is lost due to loose cables or accidents.

With a dash cam resolution of up to 1440p, Motive offers the best image quality in the industry. Our dash cams don’t miss a single detail.

Retrieve dash cam footage from the last 30 to 235 hours to understand what happened. Up to 60 minutes of HD footage is available with every request.

Commercial drivers can record high-risk events in their path instantly. Encourage drivers to share dash cam footage with the safety team.

Use Driver Privacy Mode to disable the driver-facing camera. To ensure drivers’ privacy off duty, activate the camera during working hours only.

Pair with the AI Omnicam for complete 360° visibility

Effortlessly gain a holistic view of your fleet’s operations by integrating side, rear, passenger, and cargo monitoring with your AI Dashcam.

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Inspire safety. Elevate performance.

The 2023 State of Safety report

This survey of 1,100 businesses reveals that organizations that choose not to invest in safety are losing across the board.

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Guided safety resources.

Get access to free resources for safety leaders who are ready to build an AI-driven safety program.

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Coaching pays off.

Fleets using Motive dash cam video to coach drivers have seen 22% fewer accidents and up to 10x ROI.

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Can’t put a price on AI.

With Motive, Reliable Carriers perfected deliveries and improved visibility into fleet safety.

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Frequently asked questions

Recordings are triggered by unsafe driving tendencies such as close following, cell phone use, and hard braking. Other triggers include hard cornering, hard accelerations, and seat belt violations. As we continue to train our AI detection models, this list will grow.

No. A smart dash cam like ours uses cellular connectivity in the Vehicle Gateway to upload all triggered video content.

Motive offers road-facing and dual-facing dash cams to accommodate different fleet safety needs. The road-facing dash cam only has one camera that records what’s on the road. The dual-facing dash cam has a road-facing and driver-facing camera that records in the cab. Administrators can activate Driver Privacy Mode to disable the driver-facing camera. Customers can purchase either AI dash cam.

If a fleet dash cam is disconnected, the driver and fleet administrator are notified automatically.

The commercial dash cam stores footage from the past 30 to 235 hours.

Managers can view live dash cam video footage to train drivers remotely and reward them for safe driving. This optional feature was built with driver privacy in mind. To use, it must be turned on by a fleet administrator. In-cab audio and visual alerts notify drivers when the live stream starts and ends. These alerts can’t be turned off. Only users with live streaming permissions can initiate this feature.

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