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The only fleet card that connects to your business.

Connect fleet and spend management. Uncover new ways to unlock savings and productivity.

How it works

More than a fleet card.

Enhance productivity.

Save up to 7% per vehicle by reducing operational overhead and managing everything on one dashboard.

Competitive discounts.

Save up to 5% per vehicle through discounts at over 11,000 partner locations.

Reduce fraud.

Save up to 5% per vehicle through real-time insights and alerts to help identify fraud.

Maximize fuel efficiency.

Save up to 10% per vehicle through opportunities identified by AI-powered reporting.

Enhance productivity.

Get more done in less time. Connect spend data with fleet data to automate tasks and be more efficient.

Motive Card automatically captures all transaction data needed for IFTA reporting to make filing a breeze. Comprehensive details such as vehicle, fuel type, and jurisdiction are assigned to each purchase. Eliminate receipt tracking, state matching, manual calculations, or shipping data to pricey third parties.

See spending and savings trends, and quickly identify areas to optimize. Monitor transactions by cardholder, amount, and category. Filter and report on information such as purchase and posted date, product description, per unit cost, quantity, and category

Motive Card spend management is flexible and scalable to accommodate businesses of all sizes and industries. Easy group controls, reporting, and automation make Motive Card suitable for large and small businesses.

Use one card for fuel, maintenance, lodging, and more. Use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted and for any type of purchase you approve. No more reimbursements or multi-card hassle.

Get competitive discounts, no hidden fees.

Save on fuel, maintenance, and more.
Pay $0 in hidden fees and protect your bottom-line savings. Our in-app Savings Finder tool makes it easy for drivers to navigate to the best discounts.

Maximize your purchasing power with Tier 1 savings averaging 20+ cents per gallon. Get discounts at 11,000 partner locations and growing, including Love’s, TA, and 7-Eleven. No gallon minimums required.

Save on maintenance expenses, including tires, preventive maintenance, and labor costs.

Increase profits with no application, membership, or transaction fees eroding your savings rebates.

Reduce fraud and unauthorized spend.

Protect your business and cut fraud losses with telematics-backed fraud detection. Boost security and stop unauthorized spending.

Motive’s robust telematics detect and flag fuel transactions that occur at a different location from the assigned vehicle.

Stop unauthorized spending before it happens. Simplify control management with spend profiles to limit transactions by day and time, category, location, and amount for different sets of cardholders. Update limits in real time to temporarily authorize emergency purchases.

Enable phone-based card security, which requires the cardholder to unlock the card with their assigned phone before allowing transactions.

Maximize fuel efficiency.

Pair with Motive fleet products to reduce fuel usage and lower costs.

Identify and reduce fuel-wasting behaviors like idling, speeding, and hard acceleration.

Proactively maintain vehicles and assets with automated service records and electronic inspections to reduce efficiency losses, boosting MPG and vehicle uptime.

Understand every aspect of fuel from planning, to purchase, to consumption and waste, all with savings in mind.

Personalized savings expertise.

If you have 25 or more vehicles, our savings experts can help build a custom Motive Card program for your fleet to maximize discounts.

Get complete data visibility.

Bring fleet management and spend management under one roof. Only Motive links fleet and spend data visibility to unlock savings and improve productivity.

Automate operations.

Augment spend data with fleet data to create automation opportunities for IFTA reporting, compliance, fraud detection, and more.

Effectively manage your business.

Eliminate data silos and the need to update data across multiple platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

A spend management solution can help you automate administrative tasks such as consolidating receipts, tracking expenses, and simplifying tasks like IFTA filing, so your team can be more productive. Motive’s spend management solution is integrated into the Fleet Dashboard, where you already manage your daily operations. This grants a full view of what’s happening across your entire business so you can identify areas to save and operate more efficiently.

Providing a holistic view of your fleet, including expenditures, helps you run a more efficient business:

  • Gain visibility into your entire business operations and spending areas so you can easily identify opportunities to save.
  • Easily sort and filter your transactions by cardholder and other data that already exists in your Fleet Dashboard without having to manually compare separate applications.
  • Simplify administrative tasks with automatic fuel purchase reports generated from the Motive Card, combined with vehicle location data to make things like IFTA filing easier.
  • Strengthen fraud protection. Motive Sustainability tracks exactly how much fuel is being used per vehicle, who is making the purchase, and the fueling location. This should match the amount of fuel purchased with their Motive Card, and match the right driver assigned to each fuel fleet card.

The Motive Card is more than a fuel card for fleets. Yes, you can use it to purchase and get discounts on fuel, but you can also use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted, not just at fuel stations.

You can use the Motive Card to get premium fuel discounts at participating partner stations including Love’s Travel Stops, TA, 7-Eleven, Petro Stopping Centers, TA Express, Road Ranger, Casey’s, Yesway, Allsup’s, and a number of independent truck stops. When you use this fleet card, you’re guaranteed to save no matter where you fill up. We also have partnerships to help you save on maintenance, tires, labor, and more at locations including Boss Shop, FlowBelow, and more.

No. The Motive Card is completely free to use. There are zero activation, transaction, or membership fees.

Yes. If the invoice is not paid in full by the due date, a late fee will be assessed and applied to your account. The late fee is 5% of the invoice balance, with a minimum fee of $40.

Please click here to apply. Motive does not pull or report on your personal credit. We rely on your business credit bureau report to determine spend limit. After you submit your application, we typically provide a response within three days. See additional application details here.

Motive does report your payment history to business credit bureaus, allowing you to build and improve your company’s credit score when you pay on time. A strong business credit score can help provide opportunities to secure additional financing with better interest rates and loan terms.

The Motive Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC pursuant to a license from Mastercard International. Subject to terms of Spend Management Services Agreement. Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.