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A corporate card with no hidden fees and intelligent reporting.

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Understanding the application process

Getting started with the Motive Card is easy. Our online application typically takes about five minutes to complete. 

1. Apply

You provide the required financial documents and any additional business verification documents that may be requested.

2. Review

Motive reviews your application, financial documents, and other data to assess whether or not you qualify for the Motive Card.

3. Decision

Motive communicates the outcome of your business request for a Motive Card, usually within three business days.

Documents to prepare

Connect your account with Plaid™

This is the fastest way to get started. Our integration with Plaid™ simplifies the number of financial documents we request and enables us to make a faster decision on your application.

Plaid™ instantly authenticates you, connects your account securely for future payments, and saves you from having to look for and upload bank statements.

Bank statements

Download and submit your three most recent consecutive months of bank statements. Additional business verification documents may be required.

Additional documentation

Additional documents may be required based on certain account situations, or to secure a higher spending capacity. These documents can include:

  • Two years of audited financials:
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Statement of cash flow
  • Two consecutive years of tax returns
  • Corporate guarantee
  • Letter of credit

Frequently asked questions

This is a corporate charge card, meaning the total invoiced balance is due in full at the end of each billing cycle and cannot be paid over time.

At this time we are not accepting applications from sole proprietorships for the Motive Card.

All we need are a few details about your company’s spending needs and business demographic information:

  • Your company name, address, phone, email, ownership structure, and company revenue.
  • Spending limit requested.
  • Banking information: digitally connecting your business bank account via Plaid™ or three consecutive months of business bank statements in pdf.
  • Additional documents as requested: you may be asked for up to three years of audited or compiled financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, and debt schedule.

We consider several factors when reviewing applications for the Motive Fleet Card. Financial documents help us ensure we’re evaluating each applicant based on their overall financial health.

If your application is declined, you’ll automatically be notified via email with the specific reason(s) why we were unable to approve your application. You can reapply for the Motive Card in 3 months’ time.

We are excited to share that beginning in early 2023, Motive will report the status of your Motive Card account to the business credit bureaus, beginning with Experian Intelliscore, so that all of our customers can continue to build their credit history using the Motive Card.

Our integration with Plaid™ simplifies the number of financial documents we request and enables us to make a faster decision on your Motive Card application. Plaid™  instantly authenticates you, connects your account securely, and saves you time looking for or downloading bank statements.  A linked account is also required to use your Motive Card: we will use it to automatically withdraw the amount you owe for purchases made at the end of each billing cycle using ACH.

Plaid™ allows you to securely connect and share data from your financial institution directly with Motive. Motive reviews the same information that can typically be found on your bank statement.

You can provide your financial documents by linking your bank account via Plaid™ or by sending us PDF copies of the requested documents.  We won’t be able to approve your application for a Motive Card without reviewing your bank statements. 

Your information is only viewable by Motive’s employees who need access to make a decision on your application. Motive offers the option to securely provide digital access via Plaid™ to the information needed without sending physical or electronic copies of these documents.

To comply with federal bank regulations, we’re required to perform due diligence checks commonly known as Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. This includes verifying information about individuals who control and manage the business entity applying for the Motive Card. This protects both parties from fraud.

Motive does not check your personal credit score when you apply for a Motive Card, nor do we report your company’s payment history on your consumer credit report. We rely on your business credit bureau report to determine your spending limit and will report your company’s payment history to business credit bureaus only.

Once a completed application is received, most customers have a decision in three days. If we ask for additional documents, we cannot make a decision until you provide them to us. Once approved, companies typically receive their Motive Cards within 3–4 business days, depending on shipping.

Each business is evaluated based on its financial health, past payment history, and other internal and external information to determine appropriate spending limits. This amount differs for each company.

For your protection and to reduce fraud, we can only ship cards to a physical address.

The Motive Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC pursuant to a license from Mastercard International. Subject to the Terms of Service. Mastercard and the circle design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.