Modern fleets deserve the latest in fleet safety. We are proud to announce our newest suite of features to help fleets of all sizes identify driving behavior associated with critical safety events, develop custom coaching programs, and help ensure safety on the road.

Managing driver safety and training is no small task. Video footage from the road can be a powerful tool for streamlining insurance claims, exonerating drivers, and contesting inaccurate traffic citations, but it can also make fleet safety and driver coaching easier and more effective.

The responsibility of ensuring safety falls on the shoulders of fleet managers, safety managers, and the drivers themselves. With that in mind, we have developed a new suite of features that provides greater access to onboard video footage, establishes a clearer understanding of driver performance, and helps ensure the highest accuracy of captured driving events.

With these latest feature enhancements, the Motive Smart Dashcam will deliver an even more robust fleet safety management solution.

Get to know our new fleet safety features

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, video-based onboard safety monitoring systems in large trucks can prevent as many as 63,000 collisions annually. Based on these findings, as well as the expanding role of video-based driver coaching, Motive has furthered its commitment to help fleets build individualized, powerful training programs.

To help deliver on this commitment, we have incorporated the following features into our fleet safety solution:

1. Video recall

Fleet and safety managers can remotely pinpoint and access all pertinent videos stored on the Smart Dashcam regardless of whether an event was logged. The ability to recall any video footage from the previous 35 hours of driving time provides valuable context to drive overall safety, guide driver training, and support exoneration.

2. Video annotation

Videos are automatically assigned tags that describe the context leading up to an event. Fleet managers can quickly prioritize which events to review first, filter events based on tagging, and monitor changes over time.

3. In-app driver coaching

Drivers can proactively access safety performance data and Smart Dashcam videos associated with their driving events to increase awareness and self-coach themselves based on driving history.

4. Sensor fusion

Vehicle speed, GPS speed, accelerometer data, and gyroscope data are intelligently combined to identify driving events with over 95% accuracy. This helps fleet managers access the most accurate driving performance data through Driver Scorecards.

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What the customers are saying about this fleet safety feature

The Smart Dashcam has been a game changer for a fleet safety program for many fleets. One such fleet is West Virginia-based Woodford Oil. Woodford leadership has recognized significant safety improvement since implementing Smart Dashcams and using Driver Scorecards to protect, educate, and monitor their fleet of 50 trucks.

“Motive Driver Scorecards and Smart Dashcam footage have made our coaching much more effective,” said Norman Bright, Fleet and Safety Manager at Woodford Oil. “In four short months, we’ve seen a significant decrease in critical events, including hard braking events cut in half and an almost 70% reduction in hard accelerations.”

Motive’s new safety features have given Woodford’s team the resources necessary to promote safe behavior and help drivers own their individual performance on the road.

“Showing our drivers their individual, event-driven video footage has motivated them to take ownership of their driving behavior, which has made our coaching much more effective,” added Bright.

Motive Smart Dashcam integrates seamlessly with the Motive fleet management software and enables fleets to become safer, efficient, and more productive. Learn more by requesting a free demo today.