At Motive, we’re committed to improving the safety, productivity, and profitability of our customers. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Motive and Platform Science have formed a strategic partnership to improve safety and operational outcomes for the businesses that power the physical economy. As two leading providers of telemetric fleet data, the collaboration between Platform Science and Motive will enable mutual customers to leverage our technologies to dramatically enhance their fleet safety. 

What does this mean for customers?

Less time wasted, greater visibility, and improved safety. With this partnership, Motive becomes an approved vendor for safety solutions on the Platform Science Marketplace, enabling participating customers to create an integrated, unified safety platform — a single source of truth. Mutual customers will have access to safety data from their Motive AI-powered dash cams directly inside the Platform Science platform, allowing them to manage their fleet operations quickly and more efficiently. In addition, the new partnership creates faster, more complete visibility for fleets that struggle with fragmented data and disruptions when switching from one solution to another, especially during safety incidents.

Motive’s AI-powered dash cams store recordings for up to 104 hours and can recall video for any specific location or vehicle in a fleet during that time, enabling carriers to have a clearer picture of what’s happening on the road. By utilizing this high-quality data, fleets can gain visibility into their operations, prevent accidents, and create safer outcomes.

Why we partnered with Platform Science

Many businesses use Platform Science to access the data they need to run their business, including being the solution to run compliance for the largest fleets in America. But fleets need the ability to access Motive safety telematics directly from within Platform Science. Motive’s AI-powered safety solution enhances fleet safety and can help businesses increase revenue, cut costs, and drive success. In addition, through the Motive integration, companies can see and manage safety-related incidents for improved safety and increased efficiency.

“Improving how the trucking industry operates isn’t the purview of a single company or sector. It’s about the wider ecosystem developing solutions that drive it forward,” said Drew Quinlan, VP of Business Development at Motive. “Our integration with Platform Science means carriers can use more high-quality data to create better outcomes for the whole industry and the wider supply chain.”

By working together, Platform Science and Motive are advancing the use of data to improve safety and efficiency for commercial transportation companies. The partnership represents a significant step forward for the physical economy, demonstrating the importance of collaboration in driving progress and innovation.

Interested in learning more about the partnership? Contact us today. You can also get more information about the Motive Driver Safety Solution. Learn more about Platform Science’s Marketplace and offerings here.