When we launched as KeepTruckin in 2013, the world was a different place, with different priorities and ways of operating. As the world evolved, customers’ needs changed, and so did our business. It became clear that KeepTruckin solved problems far beyond the realm of trucking, in every industry powering the physical economy. It was time for our brand to reflect all the industries we serve. Last spring, with this broader vision in mind, KeepTruckin rebranded to Motive

An inspired purpose drives our brand

Motive is for the builders, growers, makers, and movers who work tirelessly to serve customers across the supply chain. Our technologies help businesses work faster, safer, and smarter. There are on-time deliveries to make, accidents to avoid, routes to navigate — and Motive is the catalyst to help you get there. 

From construction and agriculture to manufacturing and distribution, commercial fleets must connect and automate their operations to keep pace with demand. Studies show that when fleets automate their operations, they reap the benefits. A recent study found that fleets saved up to 13% on fuel costs using the Motive Automated Operations Platform. 

Through this integrated platform, Motive empowers fleets in all they do. To streamline fleet operations, Motive’s IoT data platform connects vehicles, equipment, and facilities to the cloud. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Motive applications automate driver safety, spend management, compliance, fleet tracking, fuel monitoring, and more. These AI-based tools bring real-time visibility to every aspect of your fleet business, opening up a world where fleets can resolve problems as quickly as they start.

Motive technology delivers real results

An independent evaluation from leading research firm Strategy Analytics showed how impactful Motive’s AI-based technology is. In the study, the Motive AI Dashcam successfully detected unsafe driving behavior 89% of the time, more than Lytx (61%) and Samsara (15%). The Motive AI Dashcam accurately detected unsafe behavior and alerted drivers to change their behavior faster than other solutions. 

Improve driver safety and operator awareness

In every corner of the physical economy, Motive customers are using the AI Dashcam to improve safety and operator awareness. “These AI Dashcams are worth a million dollars,” says Tom Abrams, CEO of Reliable Carriers. “There’s simply no price you can put on how valuable these cameras are to our business.”

At Kentuckiana Trucking in Clarksville, Indiana, Dispatcher and Driver Safety Manager Wayne Milby has noted a decrease in accidents since last winter, when Motive AI Dashcams were installed across Kentuckiana’s fleet. 

“Since implementing AI Dashcams in January, we’ve seen a 30-40% drop in fender-benders,” Milby says. “The AI Dashcam has inspired one of our most aggressive drivers to completely change his style of driving. When we first implemented dashcams, the driver’s habits triggered four or five unsafe driving alerts a day. Now, that driver may get one alert every few weeks. It’s been an amazing improvement.”

Consolidate systems and implement real-time tracking

Motive customer Mohawk Materials produces and transports high-quality concrete and sand in Oklahoma and Kansas. In February 2020, the construction company switched from PeopleNet to Motive, seeking to improve ELD compliance, real-time GPS tracking, and driver safety. After working with Motive to consolidate systems and implement real-time tracking, the team is operating on a new level.

“Before, my plant managers would have to call to ask where the truck is. They’d have to wait 30 minutes for the next refresh to give an update,” says Wes Beck, the company’s Logistics Coordinator. “Now, they don’t have to call me at all. They can check right on their phone and find out where that truck is.”

Motive, inspired by our customers

Capabilities like these are only the beginning of what the Motive integrated platform can achieve. As we celebrate the possibilities of this new chapter, we’ll continue to be inspired by our customers and the innovative ways they use Motive technology.