Motive is committed to helping make Mexico’s roads and vehicle operators safer and more secure than ever.

For more than a decade, Motive has worked to empower the people who run physical operations with tools to make their work safer, more productive, and more profitable. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce Motive is officially expanding into Mexico, giving Mexican businesses access to our integrated suite of physical security, driver safety, fleet management, and equipment monitoring solutions. 

For many years, Motive has supported businesses based in the U.S. that have operations in Mexico. Now, we are expanding to serve companies headquartered in Mexico, with a local sales and support team based in CDMX. With this launch, Motive has tailored its existing products to the Mexican market and is bringing new products to market to solve the specific concerns of Mexican businesses that operate fleets.

Some of the offerings that are available for companies located in Mexico include:

  • Security Suite: Motive is launching an advanced suite of security solutions, including an engine immobilizer, door sensors, panic button, and a new RFID reader for driver identification, to help keep drivers and cargo safe and secure on the road. These new products, together with the Motive AI Omnicam that enables cargo theft monitoring, form the basis of the best-in-class solution for businesses that have the highest standards for the security of their drivers and cargo.
  • Driver Safety: The Motive AI Dashcam has been updated to reflect the unique driving conditions of Mexican roads to help reduce risk and prevent accidents. Powered by advanced AI, the Motive AI Dashcam detects and alerts drivers to unsafe behaviors like cell phone use and close following with fewer false positives than competitors, helping reduce safety incidents by up to 65%. Nothing is more important than keeping drivers safe, and Motive’s highly accurate AI makes doing so quick and easy.
  • Fleet Management & Equipment Monitoring: Motive offers unparalleled visibility into assets on the lot and the road, including automatic pairing and real-time tracking with weather and traffic overlays.

While we’re excited to bring Motive’s leading safety, security, telematics, and equipment monitoring technology to businesses that power Mexico’s economy, this is just the beginning of Motive’s business in Latin America. We’re excited about what’s to come.

We’re hiring in Mexico, check out our open roles here!