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Meet Mohawk Materials

With facilities across Oklahoma and Kansas, Mohawk Materials produces and delivers high-quality concrete and sand for the surface prep, coatings, and construction industry.


Wes Beck is the company’s Logistics Coordinator and oversees fleet operations, including GPS tracking, ELD compliance, and safety. As a manager and commercial vehicle operator, Beck understands how crucial technology can be with providing necessary visibility to run efficient operations. With warehouses in remote locations, Mohawk Materials needed a solution to manage ELD compliance, track vehicles, and understand driver safety — without being tied to an office desk.


In February 2020, Beck and Mohawk Materials decided to switch from PeopleNet to Motive, formerly KeepTruckin. The company made the switch to improve ELD compliance, real-time GPS tracking, and driver safety needs.


Here’s how Motive saved Mohawk thousands per year, increased visibility into operations from anywhere, and maximized efficiency for better customer relations.

An all-in-one solution


Beck’s team had originally planned to use PeopleNet to manage ELD compliance and fleet tracking. Unfortunately, PeopleNet’s tracking feature only updated the location of the company’s vehicles in 30-minute intervals. Due to the fast-paced nature of the business, this was unacceptable, causing Beck to find a separate fleet tracking solution. This meant another app to train employees on, another monthly bill to pay, and a separate source of data from its ELD compliance tool.


When Beck found Motive, he was ecstatic to hear that our system not only makes it easy to manage compliance, but the fleet tracking feature also works beyond his expectations. Now Beck can cut out Mohawk Materials’ extra fleet tracking service which cost $500 a month and replace PeopleNet with Motive — an all-in-one tracking, driver safety, and ELD compliance solution.



Better fleet visibility


Beck’s team can’t wait 30 minutes — or even 5 minutes — to get vehicle location updates. A delay like that could cause major backups further down the supply chain.


With Motive’s upgraded GPS tracking system that updates vehicle locations as fast as every 2 seconds, Beck’s team can track inbound vehicles and start preparing the outbound load for that driver. Without this real-time tracking, wrong shipments might be prepared or drivers will arrive at a location and nothing is ready.


The best part? Motive comes with a Fleet App, which allows the same tracking functionality that you’d get on your office computer right on your tablet. This allows field managers at Mohawk Materials to stay on top of operations while on the go, without having to run back to the office for updates.


Beck also uses Motive’s location history feature to track how long his employees are at a certain location. If a driver is at a facility for over two hours, Beck can charge for the extra time. The location history feature shows exactly how long his drivers were there, making invoicing simple and indisputable.


And with Motive’s AI-powered Smart Dashcam, Beck has real-time visibility into driver safety events on the road to help with coaching and exoneration evidence.



Real-time updates from anywhere


By consolidating systems and using real-time tracking, Beck’s team is operating on a new level. “Before, my plant managers would have to call to ask where the truck is and would have to wait 30 minutes for the next refresh to give an update,” says Beck. “Now, they don’t have to call me at all. They can check right on their phone and find out where that truck is.”


This has significantly reduced Beck’s workload while also saving countless hours for his team in the field.


With the Fleet App, Mohawk Materials can now access critical operations data from anywhere. “It’s Motive in the palm of my hand,” says Beck.

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