When it comes to accident prevention, precision and speed are everything. Many vendors claim to have advanced AI capabilities that make drivers safe. The reality is quite often these AI-based detection systems are inaccurate or too slow. While any accident prevention technology is better than none, not all AI-based detection tools are the same. 

At Motive we’ve spent years building and refining the best performing AI dash cam and driver safety platform on the market. What makes us so sure? 

Unrivaled AI performance

In an independent evaluation by leading research firm Strategy Analytics, the Motive AI Dashcam is the clear dash cam winner, outperforming other leading dash cams in accuracy of AI-based detection of unsafe driving behavior.

The team at Strategy Analytics conducted 342 separate tests under daytime, dusk, and nighttime conditions. All dash cams tested by Strategy Analytics were new and camera positions were rotated daily to prevent bias. 

The Motive AI Dashcam successfully detected unsafe driving behavior 89% of the time, higher than Lytx (61%) and Samsara (15%). Not only is Motive’s AI Dashcam more accurate at detecting unsafe behavior such as cell phone use, close following, and seat belt use. It also alerts drivers to modify their behavior the fastest. 

On the ease-of-use front, the study found that users prefer Motive’s image and video quality, accurate in-cab alerts, and hardware design to Lytx and Samsara.

Check out the complete Strategy Analytics report and road test videos.

Prevent accidents and protect your drivers

The results show our data-driven process for collecting, labeling, and improving AI model performance combined with best-in-class hardware transforms driver safety and gives our customers a competitive edge. Our own research also found that customers using Motive’s AI-powered dash cams and frequent coaching had 22% fewer accidents and 56% fewer safety incidents.

“Accurate AI helps prevent accidents, therefore saving lives. Missed, false or inaccurate alerts have serious consequences in high-risk, high-speed situations. Driving requires split-second decision making — to help the driver AI needs to be done well otherwise it becomes a distraction,” said Paul Brown, the author of the report and Director of Projects at Strategy Analytics. “Motive’s fast and accurate AI dash cam has a real impact on people’s lives by keeping the roads safer for everyone.”

Motive’s fleet safety solution gets results. See how Motive can transform the safety of your business today.