Today, we’re changing our name from KeepTruckin to Motive. Let me explain why.

Our mission

Nine years ago, Ryan, Obaid, and I set out to bring the trucking industry online. We wanted to build technology that would improve the safety and efficiency of the businesses that keep our economy moving. We named our company KeepTruckin because it captured the essence of our mission and the people we wanted to serve.

Along the way, we realized that the problems we solve apply not just to the trucking industry but to all businesses and organizations that operate in the physical economy — construction, agriculture, field service, manufacturing, energy, and many more. The common thread that runs through all these industries is the need to connect and automate their operations. Without digitization, these businesses cannot efficiently grow to meet the ever increasing demand for their output.

But technology has not enabled these businesses to scale the way it has the digital economy. The absence of an integrated platform to manage physical operations has constrained the safety, productivity and profitability of almost 50% of our economy.

The Automated Operations Platform

That is the problem we solve. Our IoT data platform connects vehicles, equipment, and facilities to the cloud. Our AI-powered applications automate tracking and telematics, driver safety, compliance, maintenance, spend management, and much more. By connecting and automating their operations, our customers are able to grow without compromising safety, productivity, or profitability.

KeepTruckin is now Motive

Today, our name catches up with who we’re already building for — every business and organization that powers the physical economy. Motive is for the builders, growers, makers, and movers who work tirelessly to serve their customers and communities.

For our customers, our products will continue to work the exact same way, only with a change of name and new colors to reflect the Motive brand. You can access your account via, the Motive Fleet App for Android and iOS, or the Motive Driver App for Android and iOS, using your current login and password. You won’t need a new account.

We are honored to serve more than 120,000 businesses and are humbled by the trust our customers have in us.

Thank you

Shoaib Makani