For many carriers, managing ELD compliance is a time-intensive process. At a time when market conditions are forcing carriers to do more with less, the resources required to maintain compliance have a direct impact on profitability. Unidentified trips require more paperwork and record keeping to stay in compliance with FMCSA regulations. As explained on the FMCSA site, unassigned driving records must be annoyed or explained, and carriers are required to maintain records for these events for six months.

At Motive, we’re relentlessly focused on helping our customers prevent violations and spend less time managing compliance. This has resulted in a solution that makes managing compliance up to 50% faster.*

But, our work for the 250,000 drivers who trust us with their ELD compliance is just getting started. Today, we’re excited to announce three new enhancements to help you streamline compliance and prevent more violations:

  • Bulk trip assignment and annotation
  • Faster unidentified driver identification with Face Match
  • Vehicle Motion Alerts for unidentified trips

This release is the next step in our mission to help our customers run a more efficient, profitable back office.

Bulk trip assignment and annotation

Assigning unidentified trips is a necessary but very manual task for many compliance managers. Especially for situations where there is a large volume of unidentified trips, such as a mechanic bringing vehicles into the shop and forgetting to use a Yard Move.

Compliance managers can now easily assign and annotate multiple trips at once.

Bulk Trip Assign significantly reduces the time required to resolve unidentified trips and frees your team to focus on more value-added tasks like safety.

Here’s what Tiffany Carrocce, Safety Manager at R & J Trucking has to say about Bulk Trip Assign.

“What once took us an hour to an hour and a half at least, now only takes our whole team combined less than 30 minutes! We love it!”

Faster unidentified driver identification with Face Match

The most time-consuming part of managing unidentified trips? Figuring out who was driving. This can be especially challenging for carriers who slip seat. 

While Motive already automatically suggests the driver who connected to the Vehicle Gateway before and after the unidentified trip, we’ve taken a huge step forward by introducing Face Match.

Face Match uses facial recognition to automatically identify the driver. Now, when hovering over or clicking into an unidentified trip, a driver photo and assignment suggestion will automatically appear:

When customers choose to turn on Face Match, Motive’s artificial intelligence automatically identifies drivers by analyzing dashcam footage during assigned trips. This means there’s no need to manually register drivers.

With Face Match, there’s no more detective work required for unidentified trips. You can assign events in seconds and get back to running the business.

This feature is only for customers using the Motive dual-facing AI Dashcam. 

Vehicle motion alerts for unidentified trips

Traditionally, compliance management has been reactive. For example: a driver forgets to connect to the ELD, the issue is later identified in your dashboard, and is then addressed for future trips.

The problem is that by this time, the driver could have been on the road for hours or even days. That’s why we built a new alert type: Unidentified Vehicle Motion. 

The Unidentified Vehicle Motion Alert will send you an email when a vehicle moves without a driver connected to the Vehicle Gateway.

With this information, you can prevent violations by intervening before the DOT does.

Streamline your ELD compliance with Motive

The release of Bulk Trip Assignment, Face Match, and Unidentified Vehicle Motion Alerts is just the next step in our continued commitment to building a compliance solution that helps our customers run a lean, efficient back office.

If you have any questions about using these features with your fleet, request a demo or contact us at 855-434-3564 or

*Based on 3rd party independent testing against mobile and web apps of six other leading ELD providers measuring the time and/or ease to perform common tasks such as DVIR, and driver logs. Individual results and performance may vary.