Aside from driver wages, fuel is often the largest expense for fleets, totaling up to 25% of a fleet’s operating costs. The industry spends over $3 billion dollars annually on idling alone. Yet there hasn’t been a good way to monitor and track fuel consumption — until now.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the Motive Fuel Hub, a powerful new way for fleets to save money on fuel and operate more efficiently.

What Is the Motive Fuel Hub?

We created the Fuel Hub to help you save money, gain visibility into your fleet’s fuel performance, and reward top drivers — or proactively coach outliers. You can also decrease your environmental footprint by minimizing unnecessary fuel usage.

The Fuel Hub provides a consolidated view of your fleet’s fuel consumption, benchmarked across our expansive network of vehicles. You can identify fuel usage and outliers at a quick glance with our simple, intuitive dashboard. With one of North America’s largest fleet networks, we have a deep dataset powering our AI models to drive these industry-leading insights.

The Fuel Hub can help fleets save up to 10% on fuel costs and drive meaningful ROI for your business. Here’s how:

“This last year we were spending around $110k/month on fuel, and some months it’s higher than that. With insights from the Fuel Hub, we anticipate annual savings of at least six figures—which is money we get to invest toward other areas of the business.” – Vickey Witham, Safety Manager at Lynch Logistics, Inc.

How does the Fuel Hub work?

Motive is the first vendor in the industry to build a differentiated fuel solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI). First, we leverage telematics data collected from our Vehicle Gateway like speed, idle time, and other driving behaviors. Then, we layer on machine learning and historical trends to analyze driver and vehicle fuel efficiency. Thanks to the power of our network and the billions of daily data points produced, we can automatically identify how, and where, your fleet can save on fuel with unparalleled accuracy.

These insights are then surfaced in the Fuel Hub, where fleets can turn AI into action. With a holistic view of your fleet’s fuel consumption available in the Fuel Hub, you can easily understand trends and benchmark performance against our extensive network. See how average mpg and % idling change over time and compare your fleet against others with the same vehicle types to see what’s possible. You can further drill into each individual driver’s fuel consumption over time and understand the behaviors that impact fuel economy.

We automatically surface wasteful driver behaviors — including over RPM, hard braking, and average driving speed — so you know exactly where to focus your efforts when coaching.

But when it comes to fuel, drivers are just one-half of the picture. The Motive Fuel Hub also provides rich insights into vehicle performance to help you differentiate your smooth operators from your gas guzzlers. We automatically track vehicle fuel performance over time to identify inefficient vehicles in your fleet. You can compare vehicle performance across different drivers, against other vehicles in your fleet, and across the Motive network.

“Right off the bat, I can see what’s going on with my drivers and vehicles. We do all of this manually right now and massage the data into our own formulas. Being able to make these comparisons at a quick glance, boy are you making our lives a whole lot easier.” – Bradley Lewis, Healthy and Safety Manager at Shoreland Transport

How does the Fuel Hub help me?

Understanding fuel consumption doesn’t have to be a headache. With the Motive Fuel Hub, you can get actionable fuel insights across your entire fleet to help optimize your fleet’s performance and improve your bottom line.

Proactively coach wasteful behaviors

Because we automatically identify your fleet’s top fuel performers and worst offenders, you can save time by knowing exactly who to focus on. This is extremely important when it comes to coaching and retention — you don’t have to rely on a gut feeling to figure out who to coach.

Retain top performers

Many customers use this information to create a powerful incentive program to reward drivers with good fuel economy, and proactively coach outliers to improve fuel performance. You can also share fuel performance with drivers to involve them in the conversation.

“I’m in the process of setting up a reward program based on the driver, fuel, and efficiency performance and WOW…this gives me all the data I need and then some to be really effective. This is exactly what I’ve been asking for — thank you all for listening!” – Stacy Hill, Driver and Communications Manager at Tri-Pol Enterprises, Inc.

Know where to invest

The Fuel Hub’s rich vehicle insights also help you determine the types of vehicles you want to invest in, or possibly get rid of. Have a vehicle that consistently underperforms on average mpg compared to similar make/model and vehicle classes in your network? It may be time for a vehicle tune-up or replacement.

Go green

Gas vehicles also emit significant CO2 into the atmosphere. Minimize your environmental impact through better driver behavior and vehicle upkeep.

Try it for yourself

Over 85,000 businesses trust Motive to improve the safety, efficiency, and profitability of their fleets. Ready to streamline operations and save on one of your biggest business expenses? Request a demo and see our Fuel Hub in action today.